Arbiters of Hexis quotes.

In Relays & Syndicate kiosk

Ranking up

  • "You set the example for the rest of us."
  • "The Arbiters of Hexis seek truth through trial, and discipline. The Tenno will surpass their former masters."
  • "You have stepped from the path. Tread carefully."
  • "A shame to see such potential squandered."

Requesting Sacrifice

  • "You are on the verge of a new truth."

Sacrifice Successful

  • "You honor us, Tenno."

When Selling Offerings

  • "Perhaps these will show you the path..."
  • "Will these help you?"
  • "What can we do to help your journey?"

When Purchasing an Item

  • "We are honored to help."
  • "May this help your journey."
  • "An honor."

In Relays Only

If the player hasn't finished all nodes to access Arbitrations

  • "You are not ready for Arbitration. Return when no corner of the Origin System is foreign to you."

Arbitration Shop

  • "Have you survived Arbitration? Honors await you."
  • "You have come to collect honors, earned through Arbitration?"

When Purchasing an Item

  • "These honours were well earned, Tenno."

In Missions

Starting Syndicate Mission

  • "Your path has led here. Prove yourself, Tenno."

When Sending Death Squad

  • "You have strayed too far from the path. May this correct you."
  • "Your lack of honor has brought this upon you."

In Arbitrations

Beginning Mission

  • "For this Arbitration, we bestow upon you the gift of mortality."
  • "Fight this Arbitration as any mortal creature would. There are no second chances."

During Rotations

  • "Fight on. This test has only just begun."
  • "Your potential blossoms. Continue the Arbitration."
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