Arbiters of Hexis quotes.

In Relays & Syndicate kioskEdit

Ranking upEdit

  • "You set the example for the rest of us."
  • "The Arbiters of Hexis seek truth through trial, and discipline. The Tenno will surpass their former masters."
  • "You have stepped from the path. Tread carefully."
  • "A shame to see such potential squandered."

Requesting SacrificeEdit

  • "You are on the verge of a new truth."

Sacrifice SuccessfulEdit

  • "You honor us, Tenno."

When Selling OfferingsEdit

  • "Perhaps these will show you the path..."
  • "Will these help you?"
  • "What can we do to help your journey?"

When Purchasing an ItemEdit

  • "We are honored to help."
  • "May this help your journey."
  • "An honor."

In Relays OnlyEdit

If the player hasn't finished all nodes to access ArbitrationsEdit

  • "You are not ready for Arbitration. Return when no corner of the Origin System is foreign to you."

Arbitration ShopEdit

  • "Have you survived Arbitration? Honors await you."
  • "You have come to collect honors, earned through Arbitration?"

When Purchasing an ItemEdit

  • "These honours were well earned, Tenno."

In MissionsEdit

Starting Syndicate MissionEdit

  • "Your path has led here. Prove yourself, Tenno."

When Sending Death SquadEdit

  • "You have strayed too far from the path. May this correct you."
  • "Your lack of honor has brought this upon you."

In ArbitrationsEdit

Beginning MissionEdit

  • "For this Arbitration, we bestow upon you the gift of mortality."
  • "Fight this Arbitration as any mortal creature would. There are no second chances."

During RotationsEdit

  • "Fight on. This test has only just begun."
  • "Your potential blossoms. Continue the Arbitration."

During Operation: RathuumEdit

Inbox MessagesEdit

Do What You Must

Pay attention:

We know you must right the imbalance caused by Kela de Thaym and her disgusting trial. This is clear. We also know your alignment has not drifted toward another Syndicate. A fact you will prove to us when the time is right.

Will You Seek Justice?

Bring me the defectors’ ship’s coordinates to the Relay.

Let true justice be served. Turn over the Grineer defectors to the Arbiters. With us, they will receive a fair trial and, if necessary, punishment. War crimes will not simply be forgotten. Do this and we will reward your integrity.

In RelayEdit

  • "Well, Tenno, have you decided to give the Arbiters the location of the accused?"
  • (upon redeeming the coordinates) "We will pick up the prisoners immediately. Their trial will be swift and just, as all trials should be. Tenno, we salute you for what you have done."
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