Astray yourselves from bloodshed and embrace a new form of honor amongst yourself, this arena teaches both Tenno and Arbiter how to accomplish victory through teamwork and hardship.

The Arbiters Arena is a Lunaro arena based on the Tenno Dojos with Arbiters of Hexis attire. This arena's goalposts are sideways, requiring teams to flank to the sides in order to score.


LunaroMap Updated

Moon/Sun Icons: Goalposts


  • Sun's Side to Moon's Side
  • Middle-Right to Moon's Side
  • Center to Moon's Side
  • Lunaro Ball on Moon's Ball Spawn
  • Moon's Side Goal
  • Moon's Side Goal - Facing Forwards
  • Spectators - Moon's Side
  • Spectators - Moon's Side
  • Moon's Side to Sun's Side
  • Middle-Right to Sun's Side
  • Center to Sun's Side
  • Lunaro Ball on Sun's Ball Spawn
  • Sun's Side Goal
  • Sun's Side Goal - Facing Forwards
  • Spectators - Sun's Side
  • Spectators - Sun's Side
  • Spectators - Middle
  • Spectators - Middle


  • The spectators in this arena for Arbiters of Hexis members.

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