Quest descriptionEdit

Inspect your personal quarters upon finishing the Chains of Harrow quest.


  • Margulis: Do something. Get me out of here.
  • Ballas: You know I can't.
  • Margulis: Can't or won't.
  • Ballas: I told you not to speak out. If you recant, maybe-
  • Margulis: -You lied to me, Ballas. You're no different than the rest of them.
  • Ballas: Margulis... please... forgive me.
  • Ballas: Honored seven, we have gathered here today to carry out the sentencing of Archimedian Margulis... You face the Jade light, recant, and we will grant a merciful death.
  • Margulis: My daughters, my sons... I want you to know... my last thoughts are of you.


  • Lotus: How long have we waited for this moment?
  • Operator: I- (unsubbed)
  • Ballas: Forgive me.
  • Lotus: For what? I am not who you think I am.
  • Ballas: -But of course you are. Imprisoned, just as she was.
  • Operator: (Winces in pain)
  • Lotus: Ballas?
  • Ballas: I will not abandon you again, Margulis.


  • Ordis: Operator? What is happening? Is the Lotus... is she gone? Ordis will attempt to synthesize her mission directives until we can figure out where she is.
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