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"A component of the Antiserum Injector"
—In-Game Description

Antiserum Injector Fragment is a component that is used to make the SyringeStandardFull.png Antiserum Injector for Infested Salvage mission. It is dropped by enemies during Infested Salvage mission. Found in quantities of 7.

Unlike most other components, these can be sold for Credits64.png 5.

Farming Locations[]

This only drops from one location, the only Infested Salvage mission in the game.

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
IconInfestedB.svg Eris Oestrus Infested Salvage 34 - 38 Infested Ship

Blueprints Requiring Antiserum Injector Fragment[]

Blueprint Type Quantity
SyringeStandardFull.png Antiserum Injector Gear 500 (600)
Total 500 (+600)
Research Ghost Clan x1   Shadow Clan x3   Storm Clan x10   Mountain Clan x30   Moon Clan x100


  • Antiserum Injector Fragments are a resource that was used to make the Antiserum Injector for The Jordas Verdict Trial. It was dropped by enemies during the second section of the trial.

Patch History[]

Update 29.2 (2020-09-29)

  • To give players more options for the Bile Secretion, we are adding the following components as feedable to Helminth to create Bile:
    • Antiserum Fragment x 900

Hotfix 19.5.2 (2016-12-23)

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