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Annihilation is a PvP mission provided exclusively by the Conclave Syndicate. It operates similar to the Kill Confirm variant of conventional Deathmatch.


Annihilation is a game mode where eight Tenno face off against each other. The Tenno must battle each other and defeat them in a confrontation in order to retrieve their Oro, eliminating it. To complicate matters, faster Tenno can also steal an unclaimed Oro (even if they are attracted) and eliminate it to score a point for themselves. A Tenno can also reclaim their lost Oro if the orbs remain unclaimed by their opponent. The match is decided by the numbers of successful elimination, with the first Tenno to reach 25 eliminations declared the winner.

Tenno combatants can be killed to scavenge their energy orbs if they had some stored. In addition, energy stations are scattered across the level to spawn small energy orbs at preset locations around the map occasionally. If Energy Surge has been initiated, energy stations will spawn medium energy orbs instead.

Energy Surge of the Annihilation mode will be initiated if the match has gone over 10 minutes without conclusions, or if there are a total of 80 recorded kills across the match, or if a player has accumulated a score of 20 in the match. Once initiated, all energy stations will then spawn medium energy orbs instead to further instigate the gameplay, all empty energy stations will also be resupplied with energy orbs.

At present there are four maps available, each possessing their own health stations, energy stations and universal ammunition drops scattered around the map. Unlike regular gameplay, maps are completely fixed rather than randomly generated.


There is currently 13 maps for Annihilation


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Limitations on players' arsenal choice are applied for balancing reasons.