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“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
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From depths beyond reason a Voice had spoken, and its echoes would not be denied. No longer fully concealed by the ever-shifting Void, the Zariman now rests between worlds. A haunting song resounds across the System. It is time for an overdue confrontation with the past...
—Quest Description

Angels of the Zariman is a solo-only main Quest released in Update 31.5 (2022-04-27). The Zariman Ten Zero has emerged from the Void, haunted by nightmares of the past.


Due to the events of the New War, the Zariman Ten Zero is accessible from the material world. The appearance of the fabled ship draws the attention of scavenging Kuva Grineer and Juno Corpus, while a strange song emanating from within attracts the attention of the Tenno and the Lotus.

Once aboard, the Tenno finds that the Grineer had arrived first, loses the Lotus' signal, and meets The Holdfasts, the last remaining survivors of the Zariman's crew who were known to be dead. Led by Quinn, they exist in a form in-between life and death, defending the Zariman from that which would destroy it, including the Void itself. They inform the Tenno that the Zariman is suffering a Void Cascade that threatens reality itself, accelerated by the Void Angels such as Kira, who was a former member of the Holdfasts before succumbing to the Void's call. The Tenno is able to stop the Void Cascade with their powers, but the Angels proceed to break through the Albrecht Membrane and cause a Void Flood. After sealing the Void ruptures that caused the Void flood, the invading Grineer along with Kira head to attack the Reliquary Drive powering the Zariman directly. Cavalero of the Holdfasts explains that while the Zariman was a colony ship and not provided weapons, the Reliquary Drive was too important to leave unguarded and so it was equipped with Auto-Fabricating Armaments. Using the Armaments, the Tenno is able to successfully defend the Reliquary Drive from the encroaching Grineer troops and destroy Kira, putting a stop to the song and the threat.

Quinn suggests creating a memorial for everyone that was lost in Kira's favorite location, which the Tenno visits to honor them. The Tenno is encouraged by Quinn and the Holdfasts to continue helping defend the Zariman, and to use it as a new home and fortress against both the Void and the enemies of the Tenno.


The player must have completed The New War. Upon attempting to start the quest, the player is warned they should enhance their Operator/Drifter, spend their Focus points if any are unused, and if equipped with a MoteAmp.png Mote Amp should consider switching to a stronger Amp such as Sirocco.png Sirocco.

The quest opens to show the Zariman Ten Zero coalescing, for the final time, from the Void, and begins to "sing", releasing a strange sonic transmission. On Lua, Natah/Lotus/Margulis and the Operator/Drifter converse, wherein the parental figure says if the Tenno are ever to reclaim the Zariman, it must be now, and that it is their rightful home.

Find the Song's Source[]

The Zariman appears as a new location on the Star Chart, above the Void. Kuva Grineer are already on scene attempting to occupy the Zariman. Communications with Natah/Lotus/Margulis are cut as she is drowned out by the song.

As the Tenno near the Reliquary Drive, a surge forces them out of Transference. Approaching, they are attacked by a mysterious creature before being knocked out.

The Tenno awaken and are greeted by The Holdfasts, the last survivors of the Zariman, who have an ethereal, ghostlike existence due to them being "conceptual embodiments", the same interaction between consciousness and the Void that converts thoughts and memories into physical things[1]. Their leader Quinn explains that the creature, Kira, is a Void Angel, a member of the Holdfasts that has succumbed to the song, another manifestation of the Void. They request assistance from the Tenno, as a Void Cascade is breaking down reality.

Stop the Void Cascade[]

The Tenno transfers back into their Warframe. A Holdfast named Hombask communicates with the Tenno and explains that they are hungry just like Kira, and that she has doubts about the resolve of the Holdfasts.

Void Cascade consists of purging Exolizers of Void energy. The devices are contaminated by three rifts that can be destroyed with the Operator's DmgVoidSmall64.png Void damage or Void Sling, however going near one in this state will force Transference. After the rifts are closed, a Void Manifestation appears above the Exolizer that, once destroyed, spawns a Thrax Centurion, which Quinn recognizes as a facsimile of a Grineer soldier made by the Void. Damage the Thrax enough to force it into a spectral form that can be finished off with Void damage; if the player takes too long, they will repossess the Exolizer. While the Exolizer is freed from the Void Manifestation, the player can kill enemy Grineer within its range to cull the Void Cascade more efficiently. Four Exolizers must be cleansed to prevent Cascade and extract to the Chrysalith. Amidst the chaos, Quinn reminisces about the Zariman's past before the accident, and the player joins in. At the end, Quinn's message is briefly cut off by static, as he grunts in pain - when he regains his composure, he reveals he was fighting off the song, which grows stronger as the Zariman gets more corrupted.

Talk to Quinn[]

Quinn says the Tenno are duty-bound to protect the Zariman, however they are still reluctant to be prisoned by their past. Their conversation is interrupted by warnings of a Void Flood.

Stop the Void Flood[]

Archimedean Yonta gives directions in this mission, and explains more about the nature of the Holdfasts and Conceptual Embodiment. Quinn discusses the nature of the Void Angels, and distinguishes the Holdfasts from them. Yonta says that the Angels are breaking through the Albrecht Membrane, having damaged the Vitoplast system she designed to seal Void Ruptures automatically, and gives the Tenno a drone to gather up stray Vitoplast in order to seal the ruptures manually.

The goal of Void Flood is to collect Vitoplast from enemies and around the map and deposit them into Void Ruptures. A gauge will fill as the mission progresses, buffing enemies or debuffing Tenno at 40%, 70%, and 100% of the gauge; sealing a Void Rupture reduces the gauge by 30%. After the second rupture, Quinn reminisces about how the Zariman once stood for hope, reciting part of the Zariman Crew pledge that the player completes. Once all three Void Ruptures are sealed, a Thrax Centurion appears and must be dealt with before extracting.

Void Flood Debrief[]

Quinn says that the Grineer are damaging the Reliquary Drive, and that the Angels are flocking to it. Cavalero will show the Tenno how to use deployable defenses to assist with stopping the damagers. The Tenno is now eager to help after reminscing about their shared positive memories of the Zariman, which Quinn acknowledges. They promise to Quinn that they will take care of the Zariman after the Holdfasts are gone.

Protect the Reliquary Drive[]

In Void Armageddon, Cavalero explains that there are Auto-Fabricating Armaments designed to protect the Reliquary Drive's Eternal Relic which are built using Argozene. These Armaments will protect the Exodamper, which suppress enemy combat abilities until destroyed. While securing Argozene, Cavalero and Archimedean Yonta discuss the nature of the finger-relics.

Collect Argozene from the Argozene Drop by standing near it for a few seconds, then proceed to the Armament to construct it:

  • Mazuka: DmgCorrosiveSmall64.png Corrosive. Minigun turret that focuses on one target at a time. Costs 40 Argozene.
  • Faradon: DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic. Arc lightning turret that can strike multiple targets at once. Costs 50 Argozene.
  • Corralizer: DmgColdSmall64.png Cold. Trap turret that grabs enemies and pulls them in. Costs 60 Argozene.
  • Giottica: DmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture. A laser targeted missile launcher. Costs 60 Argozene.

The Armament lasts 2 minutes. Once one Armament is built, Grineer start pouring in and attack the Exodamper. Defeated enemies will drop additional Argozene.

After two Exodampers are defended, Kira appears. The Void Angel's first health bar must be depleted, after which it will enter a recovery state indicated by a green gauge and release a Void bubble above its head. Jump into the bubble to enter the Void Angel's realm in Operator form and attack the Ethereal form, with its health bar indicated blue. Falling out of bounds or being defeated in the Void realm will eject the player. After taking some damage, the Ethereal releases two spheres that protect it from further damage, which can be removed with Void Sling.

Once the Ethereal form is destroyed, the Angel's body can be killed, dropping a Voidplume Quill and a Zariman Arcane. As Kira perishes, Quinn says he is done for and tells the Tenno to remember the Zariman's crew before ceasing contact; Natah/Lotus/Margulis reestablishes connection but the disheartened Tenno feels defeat in saying they only found ghosts.

Retrieve Quinn's tablet[]

Quinn is revealed to have survived, the Holdfasts are now drawing from the radiance of the Tenno's Void powers instead of the Zariman's Reliquary Drive. He asks that the Tenno remember the good things about the Zariman and to create a memorial in the name of Kira and others who were lost, ending the quest.


The Zariman is now available as a mission system where Extractors may be deployed, with both Grineer and Corpus attempt to occupy it, containing 7 nodes (2 social, and 5 mission nodes playable in both normal (Lv 50-55) and The Steel Path (Lv 150-155) modes):

The Holdfasts syndicate is now available, with the relevant representatives accessible via Star Chart > Zariman (system) > Chrysalith > Fast Travel (default: Esc  > FAST TRAVEL):

The Dormizone, the room where the Operator met the Drifter during The New War, is now available as a fully customizable personal quarters and accessible via Star Chart > Zariman (system) > Dormizone, or from within Chrysalith by foot via Fast Travel: default: Esc  > FAST TRAVEL > HOMBASK > then walking into the elevator to the left of Hombask.

After returning to the Orbiter, the player will receive an inbox message from Hombask containing Voidshell cosmetics for the Operator and Drifter.

We got a lot here to protect, kid. Let's get to work.

—Inbox message


  • The exchanges between the Tenno and the Holdfasts in the early part of the quest line will differ depending on whether the player chose to do the quest as either the Operator or as the Drifter.




Patch History[]

Hotfix 31.6.2 (2022-06-15)

  • Fixed Alert UI pop-ups appearing in the Dormizone scene in the Angels of the Zariman quest.

Update 31.6 (2022-06-09)

  • Replaced item of significance at the end of the Angels of the Zariman Quest in the Chrysalith.

Hotfix 31.5.9 (2022-05-12)

  • Fixed mission information missing “Zariman” in the brackets during the Angels of the Zariman quest missions.

Hotfix 31.5.6 (2022-05-04)

  • Added more tutorial messages in the Angels of the Zariman quest Void Flood mission in regards to the Corruption level:
    • “Closing ruptures lowers the corruption meter.”
    • “Keep the corruption meter low to avoid negative void complications.”
  • Changed the final Angels of the Zariman quest objective description.
  • Fixed Operator missing facial customizations in the first cinematic of the Angels of the Zariman quest.

Hotfix 31.5.5 (2022-05-03)

  • Adjusted the Void Cascade mission objectives to start when players kill the first Thrax occupying an Exolizer.
  • Added objective kill marker, tutorial text popup, and transmissions to better explain mission objectives in Void Cascade.  
    • Specifically “Kill the Thrax”.
  • The tutorial message about depositing Vitoplast will now appear much sooner after the first Void Rupture becomes active in the Void Flood mission.  
  • The following Void Cascade conditions are now the only ones that will occur in the quest mission:
    • Shield Drain
    • Enemies have added Heat damage
    • Boarding squad
  • Improved mission flow in the Void Cascade mission.
  • Reduced enemy counts for the first two Void Ruptures in the Void Flood mission. It will now ramp up slowly over time and Eximus units will only spawn after the first Void Rupture has been closed.
  • Fixed missing transmissions for when an Exolizer spawns in Void Cascade mission.
  • Fixed the objective marker in the Void Flood mission appearing during intro transmission.
    • It will now appear after this key transmission has finished playing.
  • Fixed being able to bypass pop-up messages introduced in Hotfix 31.5.5 by starting the Angels of the Zariman quest from Navigation.

Hotfix 31.5.4 (2022-05-02)

  • Lowered the difficulty of the Void Cascade mission in the Angels of the Zariman quest:
    • Reduced the Thrax units max Health.
    • Reduced the Thrax units max Overguard.
    • Reduced the Thrax units Armor.
    • Lowered enemy count.
      • As we have continued to review feedback, there has been a continuation of difficulty feedback during portions of the quest. While the quest may be easy to complete for some, we want to find accommodations for those who have been struggling to move past certain stages.
  • Added a popup before beginning the Angels of the Zariman quest to prepare player for what's up ahead based on several conditions:
    • General: “The Operator/[Spoiler] will face tough challenges aboard the Zariman, make sure they are as ready as possible.”
    • If the player has Focus Points: “You have enough Focus to unlock additional Focus nodes.”
    • If the player has the Mote Amp equipped: “You have a Mote Amp equipped. Consider equipping a stronger Amp, such as the Sirocco.”
  • Fixed collar and hood missing on the [Spoiler] Skin (rewarded once completing the Angels of the Zariman quest) with ‘Open Hood’ option toggled on.
  • Fixed the globe light at the end of the Angels of the Zariman quest popping out when near the edge of the screen.

Hotfix 31.5.2 (2022-04-28)

  • Added a tutorial message to the Angels of the Zariman quest during Void Manifestation fight informing that you can Void Sling through Orbs.
    • This tutorial prompt also appears in the fight outside of the quest when assistance is needed.
  • Updated a couple animations of the Angels of the Zariman characters in the quest.
  • Fixed an inoperable Elevator spawning in the Angels of the Zariman Quest Void Cascade phase.

Hotfix 31.5.1 (2022-04-27)

  • Reduced enemy levels in the Angels of the Zariman quest from 50-55 to 40-45.
    • We want the missions to be challenging, but not so challenging that you cannot progress through the quest! The missions outside of the quest differ since they are not meant for tutorial purposes as they are in the quest.
  • Improved mouth animations in certain parts of the quest.
  • Fixed placing Armaments turret too quickly near Exodamper in the Void Armageddon stage of the quest, which would disable all turret mounts and keep the objective marker there for the whole mission.
    • This also fixes being able to stack multiple placements on the single spot.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to fast travel (notably to the Arsenal) in the Crysalith during the Angels of the Zariman quest.
    • This fix removes the ability to open Arsenal in the Dormizone during the quest to address the crash. It is re-enabled after quest completion.

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

  • Introduced.
  1. "When consciousness and Void come together, it makes a thing. For example, me!" - Archimedean Yonta