Ancient Retribution, or as of Update 15.5: Mod Name, is a mod placeholder used by Digital Extremes in their test build and does not actually represent a real mod now or in the future.[1] It is also well known for appearing randomly in game as a glitch.

Glitch PhenomenonEdit

Ancient Retribution is well known for its appearance in Defense and Interception missions.[2][3] This is most likely caused by the endless defense's "inclination to break completely and show this Ancient Retribution thing right after a major patch", Digital Extremes claims.[4]

"When we make new content, we get it to replace our placeholder text. When the script fails, it'll leave the placeholder text in, which is Ancient Retribution," Pablo claims, in Devstream 34.

Effects of the GlitchEdit

This glitch only appears in a wave-based reward interface. In the event that this glitch occurs:

  • Claiming the mod will finish the mission, but will not actually reward it.[5][6] Sometimes, this action will crash the game.[7]
  • Continuing the mission will dismiss the reward interface and the mission will continue normally. This glitch may repeat itself in the same session.

There are rare occasion where the timer box is empty, with both options replaced with "RANDOM MISSION". In the case of this occurrence, it is impossible to click either options, and instead the game will start the next wave with the reward interface in the way.[8]


  • The mod's description prior to Update 14 referred to it as a "Passive Focus". It is unknown if this mod has or had any connections to the Focus system.



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