For its regular kind, see Fusion Core.
For its legendary kind, see Legendary Core.

Ancient Core is an exclusive, special type of Mod TT 20pxFusion Core that was distributed during the transition from Mods 1.0 to Mods 2.0.

As with Legendary Cores, Ancient Cores were not affected by the introduction of Endo.


  • During the mod system transition between Update 6 and Update 7, all of the previous mods were turned into Fusion Cores to be used in the Mods 2.0 system. During this conversion, all of a player's preexisting mods were turned into a random core between the rarity of Common 0/10 up to Rare 10/10. After the transition, Common Cores were maxed to 3/3, while Rare and Uncommon topped off at 5/5. Hotfix 14.0.9 renamed these cores as "Ancient Fusion Cores" and made available for trade through the Dojo trading post.
  • Ancient fusion cores can currently only be obtained through trading with other players.


  • Unlike Legendary Cores, Ancient Fusion Cores have no special function during the Fusion process.
    • They can only be dissolved, sold or traded to other players.
    • For example, a rare rank-10 Ancient Fusion Core can be dissolved into Endo64 140 or sold for Credits641,650.


  • Ancient Fusion Cores as displayed after the fusion core changes in The Silver Grove.

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