Amarast is a gem that can be found on Orb Vallis. Can be turned in to Solaris United's Smokefinger at Fortuna, Venus for ReputationLargeBlack500 each, or refined into Star Amarast.


Amarast can be acquired from two different sources:

  • Mined from blue mineral veins in Orb Vallis with the Sunpoint Plasma Drill.
  • Dropped from storage containers found in Orb Vallis, yielding varying units.

Items Requiring Amarast

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Blueprint Type Quantity
StarAmarast Star Amarast Resource 6
Total 6

Last updated: Update 24.2

Gathering Tips

  • If you're farming Amarast, consider using the Advanced Nosam Cutter over the Sunpoint Plasma Drill when mining in the Vallis. The Sunpoint Drill can mine Thyst and Zodian which will dilute the chances of getting Amarast.
  • Specific mining laser type producing specific resource results are inconclusive. RNG applies here as well, making a resource drop chance booster a more efficient way to acquire the rarer resource type above.


  • Amarast is likely a portmanteau word based on amaranth, a purple-red flower, and amethyst, a purple quartz gem.
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