A lethal blend of Corpus ingenuity and Sentient technology, this MOA has been loaded up with devastating hybrid weaponry.

The Amalgam MOA is a Corpus Amalgam hybridized with Sentient technology. This MOA has the unusual ability to shift themselves out-of-phase to heal rapidly.


  • When nearby corpus allies or itself drops to a certain health threshold, it will rotate on its gun and sprawl it's legs in the air, emitting healing pulses to all nearby linked Amalgams, receiving a percentage of health with each pulse, before springing back upright again.
    • When doing this move, most (or all) warframe abilities will be dispelled from it.


  • While the Amalgam MOA can be Mind Controlled, it will be prematurely ended if it attempts to heal itself.
  • Shadow Amalgam MOAs will periodically heal other shadows, keeping their health topped up but not enough to completely stop the natural decay of health over time.


  • Amalgam MOAs will heal all nearby Amalgam units, regardless if they are friendly or foes. As such, enemy Amalgam MOAs are able to heal friendly Amalgams such as ones that are Shadows, and vise versa.
  • Shadow Amalgam MOAs cannot heal players.


  • Amalgam MOAs made their first appearance in the 5th episode of Nightwave: Series 1.


Demolyst MOA General Miscellaneous
Introduced Update 25.0
Mission Disruption Codex Scans 3
Weapon Other Drops None
Statistics Mod Drops
Robotic 2000
Puncture b+ Electricity b++ Radiation b+ Slash b- Toxin b-
Shield 800
Impact b++ Cold b++ Magnetic b+++ Puncture b- Radiation b-
  • Periodically projects a nullifying field that cannot be disabled or destroyed.
  • Possesses an innate 25% damage resistance.


Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 25.0.8
  • Boosted Drop Chance of Hexenon from Amalgams to ~7.7%

Hotfix 25.0.4

  • Reduced Rare Resource drop chance from 50% to 7% from Amalgam as seen here.

Hotfix 25.0.3

  • Removed Amalgams spawning on Jupiter > Themisto due to narrative/lore confusion.

Update 25.0

  • Introduced
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