Amalgam Furax Body Count is an Amalgam mod exclusive to the Furax Furax, Furax MK1-Furax and WraithFurax Furax Wraith. It provides increased combo duration, increased Blast b Blast Radius on specialized launchers, and causes melee kills to knock down nearby enemies.


Rank Combo Duration Blast b Blast Radius Knockdown Radius Cost
0 +2.5s +3% 2.5m 6
1 +5s +7% 5m 7
2 +7.5s +10% 7.5m 8
3 +10s +13% 10m 9
4 +12.5s +17% 12.5m 10
5 +15s +20% 15m 11



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Update 25.0
  • Introduced.
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