Carbon steel plates used to reinforce Grineer armor.

—In-Game Description

Alloy Plate is a common component that can be found on Venus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos, and Pluto. It is usually found in quantities of 50 to 150.

Farming Locations

These are based on opinions and may not be 100% true. These should be viewed as advice for finding the resource until better facts are proven.

Target Planet Name Type Level Tile Set
IconInfestedB.svg Ceres Gabii Survival (Dark Sector) 15 - 25 Grineer Galleon
IconGrineerB.svg Ceres Draco Survival 12 - 17 Grineer Asteroid
IconCorpusB.svg Venus Tessera Defense 3 - 8 Corpus Outpost
IconGrineerB.svg Sedna Berehynia Interception 30 - 40 Grineer Shipyard

Blueprints Requiring Alloy Plate

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Blueprints Type Quantity
Adrenal Stim Gear 1,000
TennoUzi.png Akstiletto Secondary 200 (50)
Amesha Harness Component 5,500
Amesha Wings Component 5,600
DEAmphis.png Amphis Melee 600
CorpusHandRocket.png Angstrum Secondary 600
Ankyros.png Ankyros Melee 450
CrpScopePistol.png Arca Scisco Secondary (12,750)
LaserAimRifle.png Argonak Primary 9,950
Ash Locust Helmet Cosmetic 350
AshIcon272.png Ash Neuroptics Component 150
Ash PrimeIcon272.png Ash Prime Neuroptics Component 150
Ash Scorpion Helmet Cosmetic 350
AtlasIcon272.png Atlas Neuroptics Component 1,100
Atlas PrimeIcon272.png Atlas Prime Systems Component 3,200
Banshee Chorus Helmet Cosmetic 350
Banshee PrimeIcon272.png Banshee Prime Neuroptics Component 6,000
Banshee Reverb Helmet Cosmetic 350
Baruuk Meroe Helmet Cosmetic 3,500
BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk Neuroptics Component 2,850
Baza.png Baza Primary 4,300 (1,500)
BoStaff.png Bo Melee 150
Boar.png Boar Primary 900
Boltor.png Boltor Primary 100
Bronco.png Bronco Secondary 1,200
Burston.png Burston Primary 150
Calcifin Stim Gear 1,500
Carcinnox Ship Turret (250)
Carcinnox Mk I Ship Turret (500)
Carcinnox Mk II Ship Turret (750)
Carrier Sentinel 1,000
Catchmoon Chamber Kitgun 1,700
SwordCeramic d.png Ceramic Dagger Melee 500
Chroma Amaru Helmet Cosmetic 600
Chroma Drac Helmet Cosmetic 600
TnHeavyShotgun.png Corinth Primary 13,000
DarkSplitSwordDualIcon.png Dark Split-Sword Melee (800)
Despair.png Despair Secondary 800
TnoRapier.png Destreza Melee 10,000
Dethcube Sentinel 500
Diriga Sentinel 600
GrineerFlakCannon.png Drakgoon Primary 950
Dual Cleavers.png Dual Cleavers Melee 1,200
SomaDualKamas.png Dual Raza Melee 200 (30)
DualSkana.png Dual Skana Melee 300
DualZoren.png Dual Zoren Melee 800
Elytron Harness Component (4,500)
Elytron Systems Component (6,200)
Elytron Wings Component 6,000
Ember Backdraft Helmet Cosmetic 350
EmberIcon272.png Ember Neuroptics Component 150
Ember Phoenix Helmet Cosmetic 350
Ember PrimeIcon272.png Ember Prime Neuroptics Component 150
Endura.png Endura Melee 12,000
EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox Day Aspect Neuroptics Component 150
EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox Night Aspect Neuroptics Component 150
Ether-Sword.png Ether Sword Melee 700
Excalibur Avalon Helmet Cosmetic 350
Excalibur Mordred Helmet Cosmetic 350
ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur Neuroptics Component 150
Excalibur Pendragon Helmet Cosmetic 350
Excalibur UmbraIcon272.png Excalibur Umbra Warframe 1,600
CrpGlaive.png Falcor Melee 8,500 (1,750)
Ferrox.png Ferrox Primary 30,000
Force Specter x3 Gear 1,000
DEFragor.png Fragor Melee 80
Fragor Brokk Skin Cosmetic 60
Frost Aurora Helmet Cosmetic 350
FrostIcon272.png Frost Neuroptics Component 150
Frost PrimeIcon272.png Frost Prime Neuroptics Component 150
Frost Squall Helmet Cosmetic 350
Furax.png Furax Melee 500
Furis.png Furis Secondary 300
Galatine o.png Galatine Melee 200
Galvarc Ship Ordnance (750)
Galvarc Mk I Ship Ordnance (1,000)
Galvarc Mk II Ship Ordnance (1,250)
Gammacor.png Gammacor Secondary 2,500
Gara Virago Helmet Cosmetic 3,500
GarudaIcon272.png Garuda Chassis Component 2,200
Gauss Mag Helmet Cosmetic 350
GaussIcon272.png Gauss Neuroptics Component 2,950
DjinnMachete.png Gazal Machete Melee 1,900 (300)
GrineerAssaultRifle.png Grakata Primary 400
DEGram.png Gram Melee 80
Grendel Glutt Helmet Cosmetic 350
GrendelIcon272.png Grendel Neuroptics Component 3,800
DEGrinlok.png Grinlok Primary (150)
HarrowIcon272.png Harrow Chassis Component 20,000
Harrow Suffragan Helmet Cosmetic 3,500
Hildryn Asuron Helmet Cosmetic 350
Hydroid Ketos Helmet Cosmetic 350
HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid Neuroptics Component 150
Hydroid PrimeIcon272.png Hydroid Prime Neuroptics Component 8,750
HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid Systems Component 220
Hydroid Triton Helmet Cosmetic 350
IgnisWraith.png Ignis Wraith Primary (4,000)
Inaros Canopic Helmet Cosmetic 6,000
InarosIcon272.png Inaros Neuroptics Component 1,500
InarosPrimeIcon272.png Inaros Prime Neuroptics Component 5,500
Itzal Wings Component 150
Ivara Zirastra Helmet Cosmetic 6,000
GrnJetPwrPolearm.png Jat Kittag Melee (200)
JatKusar.png Jat Kusar Melee (13,500)
GrnFlameSpear.png Javlok Primary 10,000
GrineerM16Rifle.png Karak Primary 400
Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment Orbiter Segment 120,000 (6,000)
GrnHalberd.png Kesheg Melee 8,000 (9,000)
KhoraIcon272.png Khora Chassis Component 12,250
Khora Delphi Helmet Cosmetic 3,500
Kogake0.png Kogake Melee 500
Komorex.png Komorex Primary (1,300)
Kraken.png Kraken Secondary 200
GrnEgyptSword.png Krohkur Melee 4,375
CorpusSniperRifle.png Lanka Primary 600
Latron.png Latron Primary 1,000
Lavos Cordatus Helmet Cosmetic 350
Lenz.png Lenz Primary 8,200 (1,200)
LimboIcon272.png Limbo Neuroptics Component 150
Limbo PrimeIcon272.png Limbo Prime Chassis Component 1,675
Loki Enigma Helmet Cosmetic 350
Loki Essence Helmet Cosmetic 350
LokiIcon272.png Loki Neuroptics Component 150
Loki PrimeIcon272.png Loki Prime Neuroptics Component 150
Loki Swindle Helmet Cosmetic 350
Machete.png Machete Melee 900
Mag Coil Helmet Cosmetic 350
Mag Gauss Helmet Cosmetic 350
MagIcon272.png Mag Neuroptics Component 150
Mag PrimeIcon272.png Mag Prime Neuroptics Component 150
PaladinMace.png Magistar Melee 80
TennoMagnum.png Magnus Secondary 400
GrineerLeverActionPistol.png Marelok Secondary (120)
Masseter.png Masseter Melee (3,250)
Mesa Longhorn Helmet Cosmetic 600
MesaIcon272.png Mesa Neuroptics Component 1,500
Mesa Ovis Helmet Cosmetic 600
Mirage Harlequin Helmet Cosmetic 350
MirageIcon272.png Mirage Neuroptics Component 250
Mirage PrimeIcon272.png Mirage Prime Chassis Component 26,000
MireInfestedSword.png Mire Melee 2,000
NekrosIcon272.png Nekros Neuroptics Component 150
Nekros PrimeIcon272.png Nekros Prime Neuroptics Component 15,000
Nekros Raknis Helmet Cosmetic 350
Nekros Shroud Helmet Cosmetic 350
NeuralSensors.png Neural Sensors Resource 50,000
Neurodes.png Neurodes Resource 50,000
NezhaIcon272.png Nezha Chassis Component (1,000)
Nezha Circa Helmet Cosmetic 600
Nezha Jinza Helmet Cosmetic 600
NezhaPrimeIcon272.png Nezha Prime Neuroptics Component 5,500
Nidus Myxini Helmet Cosmetic 2,500
Nidus Prion Helmet Cosmetic 2,500
Katana.png Nikana Melee 200 (150)
Nova Flux Helmet Cosmetic 350
NovaIcon272.png Nova Neuroptics Component 150
Nova Quantum Helmet Cosmetic 350
Nova Slipstream Helmet Cosmetic 350
Nyx Menticide Helmet Cosmetic 350
NyxIcon272.png Nyx Neuroptics Component 150
Nyx PrimeIcon272.png Nyx Prime Neuroptics Component 150
Nyx Vespa Helmet Cosmetic 350
Oberon Markhor Helmet Cosmetic 350
OberonIcon272.png Oberon Neuroptics Component 150
Oberon Oryx Helmet Cosmetic 350
Oberon PrimeIcon272.png Oberon Prime Neuroptics Component 4,000
OberonIcon272.png Oberon Systems Component 220
CorpusKickNPunch.png Obex Melee 300
Octavia Cadenza Helmet Cosmetic 3,500
Odonata Prime Wings Component 150
Odonata Wings Component 150
OgrisNew.png Ogris Primary 600
TennoSais.png Okina Melee 4,200 (5,500)
OrokinCell.png Orokin Cell Resource 50,000
DEOrthos.png Orthos Melee 700
Pangolin.png Pangolin Sword Melee 80
DEPenta.png Penta Primary 400
Peye Grip Zaw 850
Pharoma x10 Gear 10
Phase Specter x5 Gear 1,000
Photor Ship Turret (750)
Photor Mk I Ship Turret (1,000)
Photor Mk II Ship Turret (1,250)
Plinx.png Plinx Secondary 4,375
ProteaIcon272.png Protea Chassis Component 20,000
Protea Telema Helmet Cosmetic 350
Prova8point2.png Prova Melee 300
SawnOffShotgun.png Pyrana Secondary 200 (50)
Quellor.png Quellor Primary 15,350
Railjack Port Nacelle Component 2,000
Railjack Starboard Nacelle Component 2,000
RhinoIcon272.png Rhino Neuroptics Component 150
Rhino PrimeIcon272.png Rhino Prime Neuroptics Component 150
Rhino Thrak Helmet Cosmetic 350
Rhino Vanguard Helmet Cosmetic 350
Sapcaddy Trophy Decoration 2,000
Saryn Chlora Helmet Cosmetic 350
Saryn Hemlock Helmet Cosmetic 350
Saryn PrimeIcon272.png Saryn Prime Neuroptics Component 1,500
DEScindo.png Scindo Melee 500
Scindo Dagger-Axe Skin Cosmetic 1,200
Scindo Manticore Skin Cosmetic 80
SevagothIcon272.png Sevagoth Chassis Component 3,300
Shade Sentinel 500
IceHammer.png Sibear Melee 50,000
Sigma Reactor Mk I Ship Component (300)
Sigma Reactor Mk II Ship Component (450)
Sigma Shield Array Mk I Ship Component (1,000)
Sigma Shield Array Mk II Ship Component (1,500)
TennoSwordShield.png Silva & Aegis Melee 600 (60)
DESkana.png Skana Melee 1,100
CorpusSniperRifle.png Snipetron Primary 900
CrpAirPistolArray.png Sonicor Secondary 6,500
Squad Energy Restore (Medium) x1 Gear 150
Squad Shield Restore (Large) x10 Gear 1,000
Squad Shield Restore (Large) x100 Gear 10,000
Squad Shield Restore (Medium) x1 Gear 150
CrpElectroMag.png Staticor Secondary 6,000 (800)
GrineerCrossbowGooGun.png Stug Secondary 1,200
CorpusMachineGun.png Supra Primary 1,000
GrnTridentWeapon.png Sydon Melee (12,000)
DETetra.png Tetra Primary 400
Titan Extractor Prime Extractor 500
Titania Aurai Helmet Cosmetic 3,500
Titania Mab Helmet Cosmetic 3,500
TitaniaIcon272.png Titania Neuroptics Component 1,500
TitaniaPrimeIcon272.png Titania Prime Neuroptics Component 5,500
Trinity Aura Helmet Cosmetic 350
Trinity Meridian Helmet Cosmetic 350
TrinityIcon272.png Trinity Neuroptics Component 150
GrnQueenGuardDualPistols.png Twin Rogga Secondary 2,600
Valkyr Bastet Helmet Cosmetic 350
Valkyr Kara Helmet Cosmetic 350
Vasto.png Vasto Secondary 1,200
Vauban Armistice Helmet Cosmetic 350
Vauban Esprit Helmet Cosmetic 350
Vauban Gambit Helmet Cosmetic 350
VaubanIcon272.png Vauban Neuroptics Component 150
Vauban PrimeIcon272.png Vauban Prime Chassis Component 13,000
Vauban PrimeIcon272.png Vauban Prime Neuroptics Component 18,000
Veldt.png Veldt Primary (10,500)
ArchRailgun.png Velocitus Arch-Gun (50)
GlassHammer.png Volnus Melee 11,000
VoltIcon272.png Volt Neuroptics Component 150
Volt PrimeIcon272.png Volt Prime Chassis Component 1,000
Volt PrimeIcon272.png Volt Prime Neuroptics Component 150
Volt Pulse Helmet Cosmetic 350
Volt Storm Helmet Cosmetic 350
WispIcon272.png Wisp Chassis Component 2,750
Wisp Gaoth Helmet Cosmetic 350
Wukong Macak Helmet Cosmetic 2,000
Wukong PrimeIcon272.png Wukong Prime Neuroptics Component 3,550
Wyrm Sentinel 500
Zakti.png Zakti Secondary 6,500
GrineerCannon.png Zarr Primary 2,400
Zephyr PrimeIcon272.png Zephyr Prime Neuroptics Component 4,250
Total 843,485 (+107,460)
Research Ghost Clan x1   Shadow Clan x3   Storm Clan x10   Mountain Clan x30   Moon Clan x100

Last updated: Update 30.0 (2021-04-13)


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64.png 30 for 1500 Alloy Plate.

—In-Game Description

Beginning in Update 9.0 (2013-07-13) materials could be purchased directly from the market for Platinum64.png Platinum.

Gathering Tips

These are based on opinions and may not be true. These should be viewed as advice for finding the materials until better facts are proven.

  • Defense missions are good places to gather materials. While it is unknown whether defense missions have higher drop rates, they do spawn more enemies on average, making the chances for anything to drop higher.
    • Aphrodite, Kiliken, and Tessera on Venus.
    • Casta, Cinxia, and Kiste on Ceres.
    • Berehynia, Charybdis, and Vodyanoi on Sedna.
  • A high ranked Mod TT 20px.png Thief's Wit mod can assist in finding materials and marking them for your teammates after you've picked them up.
  • Survival missions are good places to gather materials as well:
    • Gabii on Ceres (Level 15-25) can drop around 1k Alloy Plates every 15 minutes with a Resource Booster.


Patch History

Update 9.0 (2013-07-13)

  • Increased the drop rate for Alloy Plate.

Update 8.0 (2013-05-23)

  • Alloy Plate Drop Rates have increased and been added as a resource to Pluto