Alignment is measured by a single sliding scale, which meter represents the congregation of the player's Sun, Neutral and Moon choices accumulated throughout quests. Unlike many role-playing games, which alignment system determine how the world views the player, WARFRAME instead represents the morality system as a reflection of the player's state of mind and the following consequences to their internal psyche.

WARFRAME's alignment system places a great emphasis in how the player acts, rather than what they chose. A different choice of the same action will not necessarily result in a different outcome;

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therefore, being pragmatist throughout the storyline will not stop the Tenno from helping someone, but nor will being passionate stop the Tenno from spiting a villain. 

Choices Edit

By default, all players starts out with Neutral alignment. 


Sun alignment is gained by choosing actions which embraces passionate, kind views. The Sun measurement is colored white. Here are the following choices that tilt the scale towards the left:

  • [The War Within] I held out hope
  • [The War Within] I hated it
  • [The War Within] Let her rot
  • [The War Within] Destroy
  • [The Glast Gambit] Cure her
  • [The Sacrifice] Wrath.
  • [The Sacrifice] The war...
  • [The Sacrifice] Squirm like the maggot you are.


Neutral alignment is gained by choosing actions representing a balanced state of mind between passionate and pragmatism. The Neutral measurement is a colored black and white. Here are the following choices that tilt the scale towards the center:

  • [The War Within] They had lost their minds
  • [The War Within] I controlled it
  • [The War Within] I will do it
  • [The War Within] Control
  • [The Glast Gambit] Let her decide
  • [The Sacrifice] Acceptance.
  • [The Sacrifice] Dream...
  • [The Sacrifice] This was inevitable.


Moon alignment is gained by choosing actions representing pragmatism. The Moon measurement is colored black. Here are the following choices that tilt the scale towards the right:

  • [The War Within] They were nothing but animals
  • [The War Within] I embraced it
  • [The War Within] Kill her
  • [The War Within] Consume
  • [The Glast Gambit] Send her home
  • [The Sacrifice] Emptiness.
  • [The Sacrifice] My child...
  • [The Sacrifice] The cycle is broken.

Consequences Edit

Currently, there is no known major gameplay changes for siding with an alignment scale.


Helminth will have different lines depending on which side of the alignment the player is in. When speaking to the Operator, he may state that:

  • [Sun] (Light shines within this demon.)
  • [Neutral] (This demon walks the shadow's edge.)
  • [Moon] (Shadows grow within this demon.)