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"It began long before us, we who now live our perfect and dull, endless lives. It began long before these moon-palaces and body-markets hurling around our golden sun. It began long before our light-coil thinkers, our radiation wars, our oil, smoke. It began with us. The continuity and its twin, wanderlust."
—Albrecht Entrati

Albrecht Entrati was a highly renowned Orokin scientist, known for being the first one to gain access to the Void. He is the former head of the Entrati family and Mother's father.



Albrecht was born during the Orokin Era, long after the "Radiation Wars" but before the Orokin Empire gained mastery over the entire Origin System. He had a daughter and a Kavat named Kalymos.

He spent a considerable amount of time trying to prove the usefulness of an alternate dimension, whose contents he theorized would be the key to help his civilization reach for the stars. As the years passed and with no conclusive proof, other Orokin started to lose interest in his pursuit, considering it to be a dead end. Frustrated, Albrecht sought to prove them wrong, and so he volunteered himself to go beyond the "wall between worlds", aboard a seriglass Bell he used as a vessel. He witnessed mass and time being rippled as he crossed the wall. Disoriented, he stumbled in his vessel and shifted its path through the wall. As soon as it grazed the edge of the "door", its seriglass was destroyed in an instant, causing Albrecht to fall sideways directly into the Void.

After coming back to his senses, he realized that he was laying in the Bell's shattered seriglass on his laboratory floor, thinking it was another failure. Embarrassed, he rose his head to face his daughter, but what he saw was not her, but himself. He noted that this "vague untime form" of him was like a reflection that had dimension. He also noticed a vast sea of white light pierced by black stars; a flowing, colorful vapor twirling around, whose source was the wall he came through and Albrecht himself; and that he was standing at a precipice, as if his laboratory was cleaved in half. Feeling in awe with all this, he faced his "twin", who spoke: "Little Bengel" he said – an old name of Albrecht's, unspoken for centuries. Fearful, he decided to flee.

Albrecht going through the wall between worlds.

Back to his laboratory outside of the Void, he sensed his flesh lacerated, with him almost dying. Without voice and blind, he snatched broken shards of seriglass out of the floor, and with his own blood wrote for his daughter to close the wall, as he sensed the other was there, reaching.

A long time after this event Albrecht stated how the "pale reaching severed digits" from his Void counterpart were studied both with reverence and greed. As time passed, the knowledge obtained from these digits became the basis for all void-related technologies the Orokin benefited from, which culminated in the Zariman parade.

Albrecht also claimed that countless others have ventured into the Void but have never met this man trapped in the wall that he first saw. Pondering about its absence, Albrecht decided not to partake in Continuity ever again – the ritual where Kuva is used to move consciousnesses across different bodies, granting effective immortality – fearing that maybe the one who escaped was not him, but the other instead.

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For that purpose, Albrecht discovered the Requiem Words, devices imbued with unknown power that are capable of permanently stopping a living being's resurrection through Continuity, like in the case of Kuva Liches. He also created the Cosmic Clock, whose function is yet to be revealed, where around it are eight Vitruvian recordings (each homaging a different Requiem Word) that narrate the story of Albrecht.

Heart of Deimos[]

Mother comments that the Heart, a device that "pumps the arteries" of the known universe and the Void, and serves as the wellspring of Void power for the Tenno were made by her father.

The New War[]

While not appearing directly in the quest, Albrecht is mentioned and shown indirectly throughout the quest several times. The first is in the flashback aboard the Zariman Ten Zero, where his portrait can be seen hanging up in the Tenno classroom, revealing his unmasked appearance. In addition, he is credited during the lecture as having written "Beyond The Wall of Lohk" and co-writing "The Palimpsest of Spacetime" with his daughter, Euleria. When the player revisits the Zariman in the present, in addition to the portrait now laying on the floor, a large statue of him can be found in the Zariman's atrium. Finally, the giant "wall" form that The Man in the Wall takes when appearing to The Lotus at the end of the quest vaguely resembles Albrecht's masked appearance, and is missing a finger as described in Albrecht's encounter with him.


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  • While never seen in person, statues representing his likeness can be found in secret sections inside Isolation Vaults.
  • The headpiece Albrecht wears resembles the mind control devices embedded in the heads of the Corrupted. It is unknown if this means that Albrecht was the creator of these devices or if they were simply an Orokin fashion item of the era. A peculiar detail is that the headpiece appears broken in his Vitruvian recordings, but is intact on the statues of him inside the Isolation Vaults.
    • A similar headpiece is worn by Nef Anyo, but without the face plate. His flips down to form some form of visor.
    • There is also a statue of an Orokin in the Awakening cinematic and quest that resembles Albrecht Entrati.
  • Albrecht is a name of German origin as a more modern variant of the former Adalbert (conjecture of "adal" and "bereht" meaning "noble" and "bright/famous" respectively, also cognate with the English name of Albright of same origin). "Bengel" likewise is a German word meaning "rascal" and not a nickname variant of Albrecht.
  • Entrati is the past tense of "entrare," Italian verb meaning "to enter."
  • His full name "Albrecht Entrati" and his long, wispy hair in his portrait may be an homage to Albert Einstein, a physicist famous for his development of the theory of relativity.
  • Considering his Vitruvian records in the Necralisk, the severed digits he cut from his other self is probably a foundation to build a Railjack's Reliquary Drive.
  • The Untime Form's mirror duplication of Entrati, its presence in "the wall," and its habit of referring to him by a diminutive strongly references The Man in the Wall's duplication of the Operator and habit of referring to them as "kiddo."