Air Support Charges are pieces of Gear that call in support from the player's Landing Craft (either the Liset, Scimitar, Mantis or Xiphos) during a mission, with the exact type of support depending on the chosen Landing Craft. They were introduced in Update 17.0.

The blueprint is automatically available in the Foundry and will craft 10 Charges, but players must possess a Landing Craft Foundry Segment before they can build Air Support Charges.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 1 min
Rush: Platinum64 1
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A


When used, Air Support Charges will throw a floating ball onto the ground held up by an electric tether. The Air Support ability will then be deployed after a delay of a few seconds. Air Support Charges have a 10-minute cooldown in between uses, with a cooldown timer visible on the Gear wheel menu. You can only carry 200 at a time in a mission.

Landing Craft Ability Description
Liset Override Ordis will Override security, sending a beacon that disables lockdowns, resets alarms, and disables security cameras while the beacon is active. In Rescue and Spy missions, any timers will also be paused while the beacon is up.
Mantis Med Tower

Ordis will deploy a Med Tower (which resembles a Life Support Capsule). It will heal the player for 100 health on each activation and may be activated up to 25 times by any player in the squad.

It can also be used as a small wall as it does block tenno, enemies, and possibly gunfire from passing through it. You can stand on top of the towers to avoid melee type enemies.

Scimitar Carpet Bomb Ordis will launch an Air Strike, sending Carpet Bombs crashing around the player, each dealing 25 damage.
Xiphos Sentry Turret Ordis will launch a sentry turret which fires on nearby hostiles.

Patch History

Update 17.7
  • All squad members will now hear activation and flyby sounds when an Air Support charge is activated.

Update 17.5

  • Players can now call in support from their Landing Craft mid-Mission via Air Support Charges.
  • Air Support Charges effects are unique to each Landing Craft.
  • Air Support Charges can be constructed in the Foundry and equipped in the Arsenal under Gear.
  • Air Support Charges have a 10 minute cooldown between each use.
  • Players can now customize their Landing Craft and Air Support via the Options Menu under Equipment -- Landing Craft.
  • Players will first need to construct the Landing Craft Segment in their Foundry, enabling them to construct Landing Craft and Air Support Charges.
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