A collection of unique arrows, compatible with any bow.

—In-Game Description

The Adventus Arrow Collection includes the following items, with individual prices listed:


The entire bundle is available in the Market for Platinum6450 under the Bundles section. Each skin can also be bought individually in the Primary Skins section under Weapons.


These skins can be equipped as cosmetic items under the Attachments section of a bow's Appearance options.


  • Each individual arrow costs Platinum6420 each, thus buying the bundle will save Platinum6410.
  • Can be equipped on the DECernos Cernos (CernosPrime Prime, SyndicateRVCernos Rakta), AsymmetricBow Daikyu, Dread2 Dread, Lenz Lenz, InfCernos Mutalist Cernos, and Paris Paris (Paris MK1, PrimeBowM Prime).
    • These skins can also be equipped on the TnoPrmryXbow Attica and RepeatingCrossbow Zhuge (ZhugePrime Prime), however the change is only apparent when the bolt is in flight.
  • Like the Eros Arrow Skin, these set of skins replace the appearance of the arrows on Bow-type weapons. Unlike the aforementioned however, the Cattaril, Sylus and Meer Arrow Skins are permanent skins that are not consumed with use.
    • As with normal attachment skins, the color schemes of these arrow skins can be customized under the Attachments section.
  • The Meer Arrow skin is a non-static model; its head slowly spins when in use, and will spin faster upon charging a bow.


  • The Meer's spinning head may stop at times after swapping weapons.
  • Originally, the energy color of the Meer arrow skin couldn't be changed. This was fixed in Hotfix 16.5.3.
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