The Acolytes are mysterious, sinister warriors first introduced in the Operation: Shadow Debt event, and making sporadic reappearances after that. Twisted like the Shadow Stalker, the Acolytes aid in his hunts, taking the appearance and abilities of different Warframes, and all bearing the distinctive helmet of their master.


An Acolyte can randomly appear on the Star Chart, indicated in the World State Window, where players must then hunt down the Acolyte by finding which node on which planet it appears. Once the Acolyte has been found, its location is displayed in the World State Window for all players to see. Unlike other enemies, Acolytes cannot be killed in a single mission. Instead, players must engage the Acolyte in a mission and deal as much damage to it as they can. The damage received by the Acolyte accumulates as more players encounter and deal damage to it over several missions, with its total remaining health displayed on the World State Window. Only when its total health has been depleted will the Acolyte be eliminated. The Acolyte will stay in the node where it is found until it receives a certain amount of damage to its total health, after which it will disappear from the node to relocate to another node, thus requiring players to search for the Acolyte's location again. If the Acolyte switches to a different Node while the players are on a mission to kill it, it will no longer spawn during the mission.

The Acolyte will only spawn in the mission if one player enters a room of the map randomly chosen at the start of the mission where the Acolyte is supposedly hidden. When a player enters this room, the screen will flicker with a violet hue similar to the warning signs for the Stalker, and the Acolyte will send messages to the player before spawning a few seconds later and engaging in battle. During such an encounter, the Acolyte will disappear after receiving enough damage, if the players go down, or a certain amount of time after the start of the encounter has passed. The Acolyte will only drop a mod from their drop table if they left from receiving enough damage. However, if they leave because too much time has passed or the player(s) are killed, there is no dropped reward.

All Acolytes, similar to the Stalker, will perform MagIcon272 Mag's Pull130xDark Pull on a single target to counteract any Tenno who attempts to avoid their wrath by standing on top of raised objects. They can also teleport any Tenno who tries to flee into another room. Lastly, as a fail-safe, they can teleport directly to a room in which a Tenno hides in instantaneously should they get too far away (as they have been known to spawn across the map by accident), staggering any Tenno they happen to reappear on top of. This fail-safe teleport is different from LokiIcon272 Loki's SwitchTeleport130xDark Switch Teleport (used by Mania) and AshIcon272 Ash's Teleport130xDark Teleport (used by Angst) as it can only be performed if the Acolyte is in a room with no Tenno present, but is also instant with no animation delay or particle effects.


Main article: Angst

Angst is one of Shadow Stalker's acolytes, first appearing in Operation: Shadow Debt. She takes the form of a ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr Warframe with an Immortal Skin, wearing Stalker's helmet and the Vanquished Syandana.

Main article: Malice

Malice is one of Shadow Stalker's acolytes. He takes the form of FrostIcon272 Frost with a Prime Skin, minus his signature shoulder armor, with Stalker's helmet and large chunks of machinery around his body.

Main article: Mania

Mania is one of Shadow Stalker's acolytes. He takes the form of LokiIcon272 Loki with an Immortal Skin, wearing Stalker's helmet and a Daedalus Shoulder Plate.

Main article: Misery

Misery is one of Shadow Stalker's acolytes. He takes the form of NekrosIcon272 Nekros with an Immortal Skin, wearing Stalker's helmet and OberonIcon272 Oberon's loincloth, as well as modified Warframe Cosmetics including a Kyroptera Syandana and Daedalus Chest Plate codpiece.

In battle, Misery wields an EtherScythe Ether Reaper. Misery will enter the battle alongside a retinue of enemies known as Void Shades. After losing 33% of his health Misery will get knocked over, after which he will begin summoning more Void Shades as reinforcements. Upon losing 66% of his health Misery will summon yet more reinforcements, this final group made up of Shadows of Angst and Violence.

Misery has only appeared in Operation: Shadow Debt and has yet to make a reappearance alongside his fellow acolytes.

Main article: Torment

Torment is one of Shadow Stalker's acolytes. She takes the form of MesaIcon272 Mesa with Stalker's helmet, a Naberus shoulder piece, and some of EquinoxIcon272 Equinox's front tassels. She also uses an Eos chest plate for a codpiece, and the Eos spurs.

Main article: Violence

Violence is one of Shadow Stalker's acolytes. He takes the form of LimboIcon272 Limbo wearing Stalker's helmet and the pieces from the Hulta armor set.


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Pressurized Magazine


Repeater Clip


Spring-Loaded Chamber


Body Count




Embedded Catalyzer


Weeping Wounds


Catalyzer Link


Argon Scope


Blood Rush


Laser Sight


Hydraulic Crosshairs


Maiming Strike


Bladed Rounds


Sharpened Bullets


Shrapnel Shot


Narrow Barrel


Guided Ordnance


Targeting Subsystem


Focused Defense


Drops all of the above mods.

Acolyte Appearance DurationsEdit

First Sightings Last Acolyte's Defeat Total Duration
Operation: Shadow Debt January 25, 2016 (PC)
April 14, 2016 (Consoles) 
February 6, 2016 (PC)
April 22, 2016 (Consoles)
1 week, 4 days (PC)
1 week, 1 day (Consoles)
First Reappearance July 29, 2016 (All Platforms) ~August 8, 2016 (All Platforms)[citation needed] ~1 week, 3 days (All Platforms)
Second Reappearance February 10, 2017 (All Platforms) February 16, 2017 (All Platforms) 6 days (All Platforms)
Third Reappearance December 21, 2017 (All Platforms) December 28, 2017 (All Platforms) 1 week (All Platforms)
Fourth Reappearance August 7, 2018 (All Platforms) August 14, 2018 (All Platforms) 1 week (All Platforms)
Fifth Reappearance January 25, 2019 (All Platforms) February 1, 2019 (PC)
February 3, 2019 (PS4/XB1)
February 9, 2019 (Switch)
1 week (PC)
1 week, 2 days (PS4/XB1)
2 weeks, 1 day (Switch)


  • The Acolytes' appearances are generally a Warframe with attachments either from other Warframes or Warframe Cosmetics such as armor pieces, Syandanas, or skins, and the Stalker's helmet in lieu of their default helmets;
    • Angst uses ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr's body with her Immortal Skin and the Vanquished Syandana.
    • Malice uses Frost PrimeIcon272 Frost Prime's body without his shoulder armor and wears bits of machinery on his arms.
    • Mania uses LokiIcon272 Loki's body with his Immortal Skin as well as a Daedalus shoulder plate on his left arm.
    • Misery uses NekrosIcon272 Nekros' body with the Kyroptera Syandana, OberonIcon272 Oberon's loincloth and a Daedalus chest plate as an impromptu codpiece.
    • Torment uses MesaIcon272 Mesa's body with some of EquinoxIcon272 Equinox's front tassels on her waist, a Naberus shoulder plate on her right arm and an Eos chest plate as an impromptu codpiece.
    • Violence uses LimboIcon272 Limbo's body with Hulta shoulder plates.
  • Though their origins are disputed, Alad V calling them "betrayers" implies they may be Tenno themselves.
    • However, Misery states, "Betrayers will die," as well as saying, "These children will not stop us," implying that he knows the Tenno's true nature. All of this pointing that the Acolytes are just as separated from the Tenno as the Stalker himself.
  • When played backward, some intelligible speech can be heard in the audio taunts the Acolytes use. The messages contained are as follows:
    1. We are the Stalker's revenge.
    2. The end has come to take you, Tenno.
    3. You're just a puppet, Tenno.
    4. We fight for the Stalker. This is the end for you.
    5. You cannot kill what you cannot see.
    6. All you know is lost(?). You are nothing.
    7. We are Shadows. You are just a suit.
    8. You are nothing.
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