Orokin Exit - Aboroflora

Aboroflora, as seen in the exit-zone of an Orokin tower

Aboroflora are white root-like structures found throughout Orokin structures. They appear to be some kind of organic energy and/or information-carrying material. Based on its presence within Orokin towers, notably attached to machinery, it seems to at least provide a form of energy, possibly void energy based on its presence not only in towers but also within Lua and the Tenno Reservoir hidden within.
Lua - Aboroflora

Aboroflora within one of the Tenno Reservoirs within Lua

With the vast connections and loops of Aboroflora within the fractured walls of the Lua tilesets, you can see yet more evidence of its heavy use to connect parts of the structures to one another, however, there appears to be little to no actual mention of the material or structure itself.

Aboroflora can also be found in the Orbiter, both in the lower hall and behind the Transference seat in which the Operator sits, and in the Railjack, connected to the Reliquary Drive once the Void Key has been inserted.


  • In reference to the Orokin and the plant-like nature of the structure, it has been named Ab-Oro-Flora (Of Oro, Plant). Note that this is a community-made name and not an official one.  Also note, this should likely be Arboriflora (arbor meaning tree) and was likely a misspelling that somehow caught on.
  • The Orokin Derelict appears to also be overrun with Infested Aboroflora.
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