Abilities are special skills that all Warframes (Archwings and Necramechs too) possess which are used to provide tactical advantages in battle by either affecting enemies directly or bolstering teammates in some manner. Every Warframe has a set of four unique Abilities that directly influence their gameplay and their role within a team. For example, FrostIcon272.png Frost's Abilities are based around slowing down enemies and blocking damage, making him more suited to a defensive role. NovaIcon272.png Nova, with her damage-oriented Ability set, is a good choice for offensive playstyles.

Abilities require Energy, which is spent every time an Ability is used. Warframes have only a limited Energy capacity, so Ability use must be carefully managed to prevent running out of Energy at critical moments. Energy costs vary between Abilities; in general the more advanced/powerful the Ability, the greater its Energy cost.


Main article: Key Bindings
Default Key Bindings
Platform 1st Ability 2nd Ability 3rd Ability 4th Ability
PC 1 2 3 4
PSN R1  + Combops4x.png R1  + Combops4sq.png R1  + Combops4circle.png R1  + Combops4tri.png
XBX RB  + XB1IconA.png RB  + XB1IconX.png RB  + XB1IconB.png RB  + XB1IconY.png
Switch R Button  + B R Button  + Y R Button  + A R Button  + X


Warframe Abilities are currently officially classified into four different types, according to their function: damage, buff & debuff, mobility, and perception. Certain Warframe Abilities can have two different classifications. For example, an Ability can be both a Buff/Debuff and a Damage type. Currently, the below the classification of powers is used to determine which Abilities are affected by certain enemies, such as Corpus Combas.


Main article: Abilities/Damage

The most common Ability type, Damage Abilities primarily deal direct damage to enemies. They also typically have a secondary effect, such as applying a Status.

View Damage Powers List
Warframe Abilities
AshIcon272.png Ash Shuriken130xDark.png ShurikenBladeStorm130xDark.png Blade Storm
AtlasIcon272.png Atlas Landslide130xDark.png LandslideRumblers130xDark.png Rumblers
BansheeIcon272.png Banshee SonicBoom130xDark.png Sonic BoomSoundQuake130xDark.png Sound Quake
BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk SereneStorm130xDark.png Serene Storm??
ChromaIcon272.png Chroma SpectralScream130xDark.png Spectral Scream
EmberIcon272.png Ember Fireball130xDark.png FireballFireBlast130xDark.png Fire BlastInferno130xDark.png Inferno
ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur RadialJavelin130xDark.png Radial Javelin
FrostIcon272.png Frost Freeze130xDark.png FreezeIceWave130xDark.png Ice WaveAvalanche130xDark.png Avalanche
GaraIcon272.png Gara ShatteredLash130xDark.png Shattered LashSplinterStorm130xDark.png Splinter StormSpectrorage130xDark.png Spectrorage
GarudaIcon272.png Garuda DreadMirror130xDark.png Dread Mirror?? • SeekingTalons130xDark.png Seeking Talons??
GaussIcon272.png Gauss MachRush130xDark.png Mach Rush?? • ThermalSunder130xDark.png Thermal Sunder?? • Redline130xDark.png Redline??
GrendelIcon272.png Grendel Feast130xDark.png Feast?? • Regurgitate130xDark.png Regurgitate?? • Pulverize130xDark.png Pulverize??
HildrynIcon272.png Hildryn Balefire130xDark.png Balefire?? • Pillage130xDark.png Pillage??
HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid TempestBarrage130xDark.png Tempest BarrageTentacleSwarm130xDark.png Tentacle Swarm
InarosIcon272.png Inaros Desiccation130xDark.png DesiccationDevour130xDark.png DevourSandstorm130xDark.png SandstormScarabSwarm130xDark.png Scarab Swarm
IvaraIcon272.png Ivara Quiver130xDark.png QuiverNavigator130xDark.png Navigator
KhoraIcon272.png Khora Whipclaw130xDark.png Whipclaw??
LimboIcon272.png Limbo Banish130xDark.png BanishCataclysm130xDark.png Cataclysm
MagIcon272.png Mag Pull130xDark.png PullPolarize130xDark.png PolarizeMagnetize130xDark.png MagnetizeCrush130xDark.png Crush
MesaIcon272.png Mesa Peacemaker130xDark.png Peacemaker
NekrosIcon272.png Nekros SoulPunch130xDark.png Soul Punch
NezhaIcon272.png Nezha FireWalker130xDark.png Fire WalkerBlazingChakram130xDark.png Blazing ChakramDivineSpears130xDark.png Divine Spears
NidusIcon272.png Nidus Virulence130xDark.png Virulence??
NovaIcon272.png Nova NullStar130xDark.png Null StarAntimatterDrop130xDark.png Antimatter Drop
NyxIcon272.png Nyx PsychicBolts130xDark.png Psychic Bolts
OberonIcon272.png Oberon Smite130xDark.png SmiteReckoning130xDark.png Reckoning
OctaviaIcon272.png Octavia Mallet130xDark.png Mallet?? • Resonator130xDark.png Resonator??
RevenantIcon272.png Revenant Reave130xDark.png Reave?? • DanseMacabre130xDark.png Danse Macabre??
RhinoIcon272.png Rhino RhinoStomp130xDark.png Rhino Stomp
SarynIcon272.png Saryn Spores130xDark.png SporesToxicLash130xDark.png Toxic LashMiasma130xDark.png Miasma
TitaniaIcon272.png Titania Tribute130xDark.png TributeLantern130xDark.png Lantern
TrinityIcon272.png Trinity EnergyVampire130xDark.png Energy VampireLink130xDark.png Link
ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr Paralysis130xDark.png Paralysis
VaubanIcon272.png Vauban TeslaNervos130xDark.png Tesla Nervos?? • Minelayer130xDark.png Minelayer?? • PhotonStrike130xDark.png Photon Strike?? • Bastille130xDark.png Bastille
VoltIcon272.png Volt Shock130xDark.png ShockDischarge130xDark.png Discharge
WispIcon272.png Wisp SolGate130xDark.png Sol Gate??
WukongIcon272.png Wukong PrimalFury130xDark.png Primal Fury
ZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr TailWind130xDark.png Tail WindAirburst130xDark.png Airburst?? • Tornado130xDark.png Tornado

Last updated: Update 27.1 (2020-02-04)

Buff & Debuff[]

Main article: Abilities/Buff & Debuff

These Abilities are used to modify a unit's innate stats. Buff-type Abilities enhance a Warframe or their allies, while Debuff Abilities weaken or cripple enemies. Some Abilities can even perform both at the same time.

View Buff & Debuff Powers List
Warframe Abilities
AtlasIcon272.png Atlas Petrify130xDark.png PetrifyTectonics130xDark.png Tectonics
BansheeIcon272.png Banshee Sonar130xDark.png Sonar
BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk Lull130xDark.png Lull?? • DesolateHands130xDark.png Desolate Hands??
ChromaIcon272.png Chroma ElementalWard130xDark.png Elemental WardVexArmor130xDark.png Vex ArmorEffigy130xDark.png Effigy
EmberIcon272.png Ember Immolation130xDark.png Immolation??
EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox Metamorphosis130xDark.png MetamorphosisRestRage130xDark.png Rest & RagePacifyProvoke130xDark.png Pacify & ProvokeMendMaim130xDark.png Mend & Maim
ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur ExaltedBlade130xDark.png Exalted Blade
FrostIcon272.png Frost SnowGlobe130xDark.png Snow Globe
GaraIcon272.png Gara MassVitrify130xDark.png Mass Vitrify
GarudaIcon272.png Garuda BloodAltar130xDark.png Blood Altar?? • Bloodletting130xDark.png Bloodletting??
GaussIcon272.png Gauss KineticPlating130xDark.png Kinetic Plating??
GrendelIcon272.png Grendel Nourish130xDark.png Nourish??
HarrowIcon272.png Harrow Condemn130xDark.png CondemnPenance130xDark.png PenanceThurible130xDark.png ThuribleCovenant130xDark.png Covenant
HildrynIcon272.png Hildryn Pillage130xDark.png Pillage?? • Haven130xDark.png Haven??
HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid Undertow130xDark.png Undertow
InarosIcon272.png Inaros Devour130xDark.png DevourScarabSwarm130xDark.png Scarab Swarm
IvaraIcon272.png Ivara Quiver130xDark.png QuiverProwl130xDark.png ProwlArtemisBow130xDark.png Artemis Bow
KhoraIcon272.png Khora Venari130xDark.png Venari?? • Strangledome130xDark.png Strangledome??
LimboIcon272.png Limbo RiftSurge130xDark.png Rift Surge
MagIcon272.png Mag Polarize130xDark.png Polarize
MesaIcon272.png Mesa BallisticBattery130xDark.png Ballistic BatteryShootingGallery130xDark.png Shooting GalleryShatterShield130xDark.png Shatter Shield
MirageIcon272.png Mirage HallOfMirrors130xDark.png Hall Of MirrorsEclipse130xDark.png Eclipse
NekrosIcon272.png Nekros Terrify130xDark.png TerrifyDesecrate130xDark.png DesecrateShadowsOfTheDead130xDark.png Shadows Of The Dead
NezhaIcon272.png Nezha FireWalker130xDark.png Fire WalkerWardingHalo130xDark.png Warding Halo
NidusIcon272.png Nidus ParasiticLink130xDark.png Parasitic Link??
NovaIcon272.png Nova MolecularPrime130xDark.png Molecular Prime
NyxIcon272.png Nyx Absorb130xDark.png Absorb
OberonIcon272.png Oberon HallowedGround130xDark.png Hallowed GroundRenewal130xDark.png Renewal
OctaviaIcon272.png Octavia Amp130xDark.png Metronome?? • Metronome130xDark.png Amp??
RevenantIcon272.png Revenant MesmerSkin130xDark.png Mesmer Skin??
RhinoIcon272.png Rhino IronSkin130xDark.png Iron SkinRoar130xDark.png Roar
TitaniaIcon272.png Titania Spellbind130xDark.png SpellbindTribute130xDark.png Tribute
TrinityIcon272.png Trinity WellOfLife130xDark.png Well Of LifeEnergyVampire130xDark.png Energy VampireLink130xDark.png LinkBlessing130xDark.png Blessing
ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr Warcry130xDark.png WarcryHysteria130xDark.png Hysteria
VaubanIcon272.png Vauban Minelayer130xDark.png MinelayerBastille130xDark.png Bastille
VoltIcon272.png Volt Speed130xDark.png SpeedElectricShield130xDark.png Electric Shield
WispIcon272.png Wisp Reservoirs130xDark.png Reservoirs??
WukongIcon272.png Wukong CloudWalker130xDark.png Cloud WalkerDefy130xDark.png DefyPrimalFury130xDark.png Primal Fury
ZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr Turbulence130xDark.png Turbulence

Last updated: Update 27.1 (2020-02-04)


Main article: Abilities/Mobility

Mobility Abilities enhance a Warframe's ability to travel between two points or allow them to reach normally inaccessible places.

View Mobility Powers List


Main article: Abilities/Perception

Perception Abilities are used to confuse or distract enemies, making them engage false targets or prevent them from seeing the player entirely.

View Perception Powers List

Ability Mods[]

Warframes Abilities can be affected by five types of modification: Ability Duration, Ability Efficiency, Ability Range, Ability Strength, and Casting Speed. With the proper combination of mods and gear Abilities can obtain a maximized value (see Power Mods and Abilities).

Ability Duration[]

Main article: Ability Duration

Modifies the Duration of Warframe Abilities and the Energy cost of toggled Abilities. Hover over each Ability to see how its stats are affected.

—In-game Description

These mods affect how long a Warframe Ability lasts.

Mods that affect Ability Duration positively:

Maximized at +206% with a negative effect of -66% Ability Range. Note that Mod TT 20px.png Continuity and Mod TT 20px.png Primed Continuity are mutually exclusive; the maximized value assumes the use of Primed Continuity.

Ability Efficiency[]

Main article: Ability Efficiency

Modifies the Energy cost of Warframe abilities. The minimum Energy cost is 1/4 of the Base value.

—In-game Description

These mods affect how much a Warframe Ability costs to cast. Ability Efficiency has a hard cap of 75%. For example, an Ability which costs 100 Energy cannot be reduced below 25 Energy.

Mods that affect Ability Efficiency positively:

Maximized at +90% with a negative effect of -60% Ability Duration. The 75% hard cap mentioned above means it is inefficient to completely level Fleeting Expertise as well as Streamline in the same build, unless also utilizing a mod that decreases Ability Efficiency, such as Mod TT 20px.png Blind Rage, or minimizing the drain of channeled Abilities with as few mods as possible.

Ability Range[]

Modifies the Range of Warframe Abilities and the Energy cost of toggled Abilities. Hover over each Ability to see how its stats are affected.

—In-game Description

These mods affect the radius and targeting range of Warframe Abilities.

Mods that affect Ability Range positively:

Maximized at +180% with a negative effect of -60% Ability Strength.

Ability Strength[]

Modifies the Strength of Warframe Abilities and the Energy cost of toggled Abilities. Hover over each Ability to see how its stats are affected.

—In-game Description

These mods and Arcanes affect the damage and the potency of Warframe Abilities (such as Banshee's Sonar130xDark.png Sonar and Energy restored by Trinity's EnergyVampire130xDark.png Energy Vampire).

Mods & Arcanes that affect Ability Strength positively:

In the arsenal, Power Strength is maximized at +259% (equipping all Umbral mods) with a negative effect of -55% Ability Efficiency and -27.5% Ability Duration. Maximizing together with a maxed Mod TT 20px.png Fleeting Expertise on a Warframe that does not need much Duration is efficient since it will effectively triple the damage of Abilities and also make them 5% cheaper to cast (although it will use up 8 Warframe mod slots).

In-game, without any additional Warframe ability buffs or effects, Power Strength is maximized at +399% (equipping all Umbral mods, Mod TT 20px.png Energy Conversion, PaxBolt64x.png Pax Bolt, and if all players in a squad equip Mod TT 20px.png Power Donation). With the Arbitration bonus, Power Strength is maximized at +699% (equipping all of the above mods/Arcanes).

Using Empower130xDark.png Empower can raise this cap by 50%, but only for the next ability cast, and Empower cannot stack with itself nor benefit from mods aside from Ability Efficiency.

The theoretical max Power Strength for any Warframe (except VoltIcon272.png Volt and FrostIcon272.png Frost because of their Arcane Helmets, and EmberIcon272.png Ember, NidusIcon272.png Nidus, and ProteaIcon272.png Protea because of their passives) will be +~1,070.57% taking into account +80% Power Strength from EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox's Mod TT 20px.png Peaceful Provocation and 2.235x Power Strength mulitplier from NidusIcon272.png Nidus' ParasiticLink130xDark.png Parasitic Link when Arbitration bonus gives +300% Power Strength to Nidus.

Last updated: Hotfix 25.7.8 (2019-09-26)

Casting Speed[]

These mods affect the casting speed of Warframe Abilities (such as NekrosIcon272.png Nekros' ShadowsOfTheDead130xDark.png Shadows Of The Dead or MagIcon272.png Mag's Crush130xDark.png Crush).

The calculation for casting time is (Base Time) ÷ (1 + Speed Bonus).

Mods that affect Ability Casting Speed positively:

Maximized at +65% (or +115% for Decoy130xDark.png Decoy) casting speed to cast the ability at 60.61% (or 46.51% for Decoy) of its base cast time.

Ability Ranking[]

Since Update 15.0 (2014-10-24), Warframe Abilities unlock and rank up with affinity. Maximum Rank for Abilities is Rank 3.

Warframe / Archwing / Necramech Rank Ability and Rank
First Ability Second Ability Third Ability Fourth Ability
Unranked Unranked Locked Locked Locked
3 Unranked Unranked Locked Locked
5 Unranked Unranked Unranked Locked
7 Rank 1 Unranked Unranked Locked
10 Rank 1 Unranked Unranked Unranked
12 Rank 1 Rank 1 Unranked Unranked
14 Rank 2 Rank 1 Unranked Unranked
16 Rank 2 Rank 1 Rank 1 Unranked
18 Rank 3 Rank 1 Rank 1 Unranked
20 Rank 3 Rank 1 Rank 1 Rank 1
22 Rank 3 Rank 2 Rank 1 Rank 1
24 Rank 3 Rank 2 Rank 2 Rank 1
25 Rank 3 Rank 2 Rank 2 Rank 2
27 Rank 3 Rank 3 Rank 2 Rank 2
28 Rank 3 Rank 3 Rank 3 Rank 2
30 Rank 3 Rank 3 Rank 3 Rank 3


Patch History[]

Update 25.6 (2019-08-08)

  • Added numerous Warframe Ability Augment stats to the Ability Screen. We debuted this with Wukong’s rework, and you will now be able to directly see the Stat changes associated with Augments on the Abilities!

Hotfix 25.5.2 (2019-08-02)

  • Fixed the Warframe Ability screen breaking if a given Warframe didn't have any Ability hints.
  • Fixed the width of the Passive button textbox on the Warframe selection screen being too small for some languages, resulting in text wrapping awkwardly.

Hotfix 25.5.1 (2019-08-02)

  • Fixed missing Warframe Ability Tips section when playing Warframe in Korean and Russian.

Update 24.6 (2019-04-04)

Warframe “In Air” Ability Changes

Right now, there are certain powers that just cannot be cast in the air. Some of those powers are easy to address, and we simply remove the restriction. A full breakdown can be found here in the Developer Workshop: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1079249-dev-workshop-cannot-cast-in-the-air-friend-or-foe/

  • Removed "cast on ground" requirements for the following Warframe abilities:
    • Trinity Well of Life
    • Trinity Energy Vampire
    • Trinity Link
    • Frost Avalanche
    • Atlas Tectonics
    • Mag Crush
    • Chroma Effigy
    • Loki Radial Disarm
  • Additionally, the following abilities require ground to activate, but can now be cast in the air and will do a melee-esque slam to the ground:
    • Rhino Stomp
    • Banshee Sound Quake
    • Oberon Hallowed Ground
    • Khora Strangledome
    • Nidus Virulence
    • Harrow Condemn

Update 22.20 (2018-05-17)

  • Updated several ability stat descriptors to make them clearer:
    • Standardized format across all Warframe ability descriptions.
      • E.g. Range (Meters) # to Range #
      • E.g. “Health over Time #” to “Health / Sec #”
    • Added units of measurement to the abilities where appropriate - M (meters), S (seconds), % (percentage), X (multiplier), etc.
    • Converted decimals to whole numbers (e.g. Equinox’s Rest & Rage Wakeup Health Threshold has been changed from 0.5 to 50% for max rank).
    • Changed “Range” to “Radius” for several Warframe abilities.

Update 17.5 (2015-10-01)

Warframe Changes

Toggled Abilities and Energy Drain: The following adjustments have been made to Abilities that can toggle on or off with the intention of making each Ability more rewarding to use in a wider range of scenarios. We will continue to monitor the balance of all Toggled Abilities after launch.

  • Duration Mods now have an effect on toggled Abilities.
    • For example: Mods that added 100% duration will make a 10 Energy drain become a 5 Energy drain.
  • Drain-Per-Second and other adjustments has been made on the following Toggled Abilities:
    • Chroma’s Spectral Scream now drains 3 Energy.
    • Chroma’s Elemental Ward’s Electric elemental discharge effect is now affected by range Mods instead of strength Mods.
    • Chroma’s Elemental Ward Poison holster and reload speed are now affected by duration Mods instead of strength Mods.
    • Ember’s World on Fire now drains 3 Energy and has had its maximum duration removed.
    • Equinox’s Rest & Rage has had its base range doubled.
    • Hydroid can now recast Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm with no cooldown.
    • Nyx’s Chaos no longer has a cooldown, and enemies affected by Chaos cannot be stunned by additional casts.
    • The minimum energy cost of an Ability cannot go below 25% of the base cost.