Darvo's transmission.

A Favor For Darvo was a limited alert that was available from 27 November until 29 November 2013. It started with Darvo contacting many Tenno to ask for help.


A Favor For Darvo is hosted as a regular Corpus Mobile Defense with three terminals to hack. When hacking the third and final terminal, players were ambushed by the Stalker, and simultaneously fought him while protecting the terminal from Corpus troops.

The rewards for completing the mission were a Forma2.png Forma blueprint and Credits64.png 9,500.


Darvo's Apology to the Tenno after the alert.

Killing the Stalker[]

Still hunted by The Stalker after discounting the What Stalker? pack, Darvo hatched a plan to lure the Stalker into thinking he is aboard one of his ships, using the assistance of the Tenno (unaware they are being used as bait) to hack terminals in order to get the Stalker's attention.

As the alert progressed to the third terminal, lights flickered, followed by the Stalker abruptly appearing in the area, only to find the Tenno instead of Darvo.

Let Me Make It Up To You[]

After the event, commotion rose from the rumors of Darvo taking advantage of the Tenno to bait the Stalker. Darvo decided to apologize to the Tenno, making it up to them by more Market discounts.


  • Unlike most Stalker encounters, getting killed by him during this alert does not result in him leaving afterwards.
  • A Favor For Darvo originally came from the community joking about Stalker chasing Darvo for setting a discount for the What Stalker? pack.
  • This makes A Favor For Darvo the first official concept that came from a community-ran gag, the second being Derf Anyo and third A Man of Few Words.