The AT Ogris is a more advanced version of the OgrisNew Ogris that fires a slower rocket that homes in to a target's location. It is only wielded by Grineer Bombards (including Kuva, Tusk, and Nightwatch variants) and Corrupted Bombards, and is not obtainable by players, although a version of it has been successfully reverse-engineered by the Tenno and is available as simply the Ogris in the Chemical Lab of the Clan Dojo; this version does not have homing capabilities but in turn fires rockets at greater speeds.


  • Rockets have fairly good turning capabilities and will often turn to hit the ground or a wall if players successfully dodge them, often causing the blast proc to launch players forward closer to the Bombard.
  • The AoE blasts from the rockets have innate punch-through.
  • The weapon's model is identical to that of the OgrisNew Ogris and only differs in function.
  • Rockets can be deflected by MesaIcon272 Mesa's ShatterShield130xDark Shatter Shield or by ChromaIcon272 Chroma's Cold b Cold ElementalWard130xDark Elemental Ward.
  • Rockets can be destroyed mid-air by accurately shooting at them.



  • Corrupted Bombard Wielding the AT Ogris]]

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  • Introduced along with the Bombard.

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