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1999 is an upcoming expansion that was announced to be released sometime in 2024. it follows a mysterious man named Arthur as he tries to locate Dr. Entrati in the year of 1999. The expansion was teased during the Whispers in the Walls quest.

Whispers in the Walls[]

When the Tenno tried their hand in performing Transference on a Vessel, the Murmur began to redirect the Transference stream, leading to a scene in the perspective of Arthur, a human wearing armor that bears a striking resemblance to ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur, armed with an unidentified rifle and a Skana Skana-like sword, fighting what appears to be Infested humanoids possessing 1990s computers in an abandoned subway. His partner Aoi instructs him to link up with a terminal and find Dr. Entrati. Upon interfacing with a computer, Aoi declares to be under attack as the sound of MagIcon272 Mag's Crush130xWhite Crush can be heard. Arthur is then attacked by the creatures from earlier, and after finishing the last one, he passes out.

Upon waking up, Arthur is confronted by Dr. Entrati and his Kavat, Kalymos, who grins ominously as The Man in the Wall's Voidtongue can be heard.

The present day reveals that Albrecht Entrati traveled back in time to 1999 to lure The Man in the Wall away from his most valued assistant Loid. Albrecht leaves behind a recording that tasks the Tenno to find him in 1999, with Loid beginning to make preparations for the journey.

1999 Language[]

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The written language on all objects in the subway during the 1999 level is another phonetic version of English very similar to the Orokin and Ostron languages. It is read left to right as per English but with each space containing vertical pairs of top characters then bottom characters, read in order of top to bottom before reading the next pair.

1999 alphabet

1999 alphabet - Original translation by BrendanatorX

1999 Translation Cipher - Original by BrendanatorX

1999 Translation Cipher - Original by BrendanatorX


  • The song used in the opening sequence of 1999 is Into the Void, a song by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. It released on September 21, 1999 as part of the album The Fragile.
  • A popular theory is that the expansion references the in-real-life event known as the Y2K Problem. When computer programs were being developed, the ones which used 4 digit calendar years had their 4-digit years formatted as 19XX, with XX representing the actual changing year. Meaning the year 2000 and 1900 would look the exact same with the program's formatting. This problem had the potential to halt the production of companies and businesses worldwide which led to a race against time to fix the formatting of those programs. Once the greater public became aware of the problem, many believed that the apocalypse was occurring, and, in a panic, stockpiled on food, water, and other amenities.
    • The computer that Arthur interfaces displays "Dec 31st, 1999 | 11:55 PM". After meeting with Dr. Entrati, the clock behind him can be seen turning from 11:59 to 12:00.
  • Concept art of Digital Extremes' previous title, Dark Sector, can be seen on the subway walls.
    • The Infested-like technology creatures that Arthur encounters bear a striking resemblance to the Technocyte enemies from Dark Sector.
  • A large TV screen features the names of video games developed by Digital Extremes: Solar Winds, Silverball, Pariah, and Warpath.
  • At the end of the reveal demo - before the title reveal - a countdown from 10 can be heard right before hearing "Happy New Year!" This was actually recorded a few hours prior by Digital Extremes, the crowd being the people who attended TennoCon 2023 in person.