Designed to execute the 002 Eradication Protocol, this Osprey identifies high-risk brokers and administers injury.

002-ER is an enemy encountered in the Index, part of the Investor Relations. It is a green, slightly larger Shield Osprey that can boost the shields of other Brokers. It is also equipped with a plasma repeater similar to the ones Oxium Ospreys and Scavenger Drones have.


  • 002-ER will constantly fire its Energy Shotgun at nearby players within its line of sight.
  • Keep in mind that its Burst-Fire CrpBFG Opticor laser fires 10 times. It can deal significant damage per laser.
    • This can be more troublesome at higher levels, as it can deal heavy damage to unwary players.
  • Like Shield Ospreys, it can provide shield recharging support to nearby allies.



  • Despite the Codex stating that it has 100 shield, 150 robotic, and 200 alloy armor at base, it actually has 2500 shield, 1000 robotic, and 50 alloy armor at base.
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