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  • Tôi sống tại Perth
  • Tôi sinh ngày tháng 9 5
  • Nghề nghiệp của tôi là UwU


In-game Name: Skyphire
Old Alias: anhquan591
Mastery Rank: 21 - Gold Tiger
Clan: WFO (General and Admin of Alliance with the same name)

My real name is Quân but people call me with such many nicknames that sometimes I don't even remember my name was. However, I played Warframe around U8 or something like that but drop out and back after U9 or U10. My dark secret was I failed First Rank Up Test 3 times. If you have anything to ask me, you're more than welcome :)

Personal Achievements

General Stats

  • Time Played: 1789 hours
  • Gross Income: Credits6475m
  • Kills: Around 600k

Orokin Void Stats

  • Interception T4: 20 rounds
  • Survival T4: 123 mins
  • Defense T4: 76 waves

Event Stats

  • Gate Crash: 15
  • Mutalist Incursions: 1h 16min 0s
  • Eyes of Blight: 4,661,950
  • False Profit: 400 (13,601)


Usual Loadout
★ = Forma    = ExilusAdapter64


Allied Syndicates

Cephalon Suda
Cephalon Suda - Genius (5)
Arbiters of Hexis
Arbiters of Hexis - Maxim (5)
Steel Meridian
Steel Meridian - General (5)
Red Veil
Red Veil - Revered (4)
Conclave flag
Conclave - Tempest (3)

Enemy Syndicates

New Loka
New Loka - Exiled
The Perrin Sequence
The Perrin Sequence - Write-Off


If you have any question, please leave it on my wall and I'll check it later.

-Top priority


  • Checking and working on other people articles.
  • Reworking with Warframe information.
  • Reworking old weapon articles.

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