biệt danh Lan Anh

Bảo quản viên
  • Tôi sống tại Hải Phòng -VN
  • Tôi sinh ngày tháng 7 17
  • Nghề nghiệp của tôi là BRUH
  • Tôi là Female


In-game Name: soshijjang999
Mastery Rank: 21 - Gold Tiger
Clan: WFO (just a member with power of b*tch)

My real name is Lan Anh, a girl, properly ( not even a freaking trap here boys and gays :) ). I played Warframe around U11. If you have anything to ask me, you're welcome, b*tches :)

Personal Achievements

General Stats

  • Time Played: d h ( hours)
  • Gross Income: Credits64 m
  • Kills: Around

Orokin Void Stats

  • Interception T4:
  • Survival T4:
  • Defense T4:

Not a special stats cuz i'm freaking lazy and mah laptop cant handle to much

Event Stats

  • Gate Crash:
  • Mutalist Incursions:
  • Eyes of Blight:
  • False Profit:


Usual Loadout
★ = Forma    = ExilusAdapter64


Allied Syndicates

Cephalon Suda
Cephalon Suda - Genius (5)
Arbiters of Hexis
Arbiters of Hexis - Maxim (5)
Steel Meridian
Steel Meridian - General (5)
Red Veil
Red Veil - Esteemed (3)
Conclave flag
Conclave - Tempest (3)

Enemy Syndicates

New Loka
New Loka - Exiled
The Perrin Sequence
The Perrin Sequence - Write-Off

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