Explosive LegerdemainWarframe Augment Mod dành cho Mirage khiến Sleight Of Hand biến tất cả Pickups có đủ điều kiện sẵn sàng kích nổ.

Chỉ số

Rank Explosion Damage Status Chance Cost Conclave
0 150 15% 6 C5
1 170 30% 7 C5
2 200 45% 8 C8
3 250 60% 9 C10

Cách kiếm

  • Có thể mua được bằng cách đạt đến cấp bậc Maxim của Arbiters of Hexis hoặc Genius của Cephalon Suda với giá ReputationLargeBlack‍25,000.

Ghi chú

  • Damage is affected by Power Strength, whereas status chance is not.
  • Explosion radius is not affected by Power Range.
  • Converts Ammo (Cold b Cold), Affinity Orbs (Toxin b Toxin), Energy Orbs (Electricity b Electricity), and Health Orbs (Heat b Heat) into proximity mines.
  • Affected pickups are destroyed in the process and cannot be picked up by Mirage. Ally players' client-side pickups are unaffected.
  • Proximity mines will detonate when an enemy wanders into range or when Sleight of Hand's duration expires.
  • Recasting Sleight of Hand will refresh the duration of all proximity mines in range.


  • The word Legerdemain refers to the skillful use of one's hands in performing sleight-of-hand magic tricks.


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