The Codex is an in-game database containing data on all aspects of Warframe. Several sections of the Codex are automatically populated as content is released (Warframes, Weapons, Events, Sentinels, Sentinel Weapons) and are additionally used to track player's progress in attaining and leveling those items.

In order to obtain information on enemies, missions and game world objects for the Codex players need to scan the relevant items using Codex Scanner.

Information for other categories is obtained by owning the item in question (Mods) or by progressing in Mastery Ranks (Art Gallery).


  1. Obtain a Scanner:
  2. Equip the Scanner under the Gear section of the Arsenal.
  3. While in a mission, select the scanner your Gear or use the appropriate hotkey (default Q on PC).
  4. Right-click to zoom, hold left click over an enemy to scan. Alternatively, hold Left-click to both zoom and scan simultaneously.


Heavy Gunner Codex

There is a variety of information that can be gathered on each enemy type:

  • Lore
  • Faction
  • Level range
  • Regions
  • Health
  • Armor
  • Shield
  • Mod drops and their rarity
  • Weakness and resistances of various damage types. Each plus or minus sign means 25%, though there are a few inaccuracies.

The number of scans needed to complete each enemy codex profile varies between 3 and 20. 3 For bosses and high tier enemies and 20 for the lowest tier, more common enemies. Infested common enemies, though, need 30 scans to complete their codex entry.

Xem danh sách Complete Codex Enemy

Attack Drone (Fusion MOA)
Attack Drone (Archwing)
Attack Drone Eximus (Archwing)