Orokin modification technology used to super-charge weaponry.

—In-Game Description

The Orokin Catalyst is an item used to supercharge Weapons, including those for Archwings or Sentinels, doubling their mod capacity.


They can either be bought for Platinum64‍ 20 under Equipment > Components, or assembled in the Foundry after finding its blueprint. These blueprints can be obtained in one of six ways:

  1. From Alert missionsGift Of The Lotus alerts in particular.
  2. From Invasion battle pay.
  3. As a potential Daily Tribute.
  4. As a Tactical Alert reward.
  5. As a reward for completing a Sortie.
  6. As a reward for completing the Stolen Dreams quest.

After being built, the blueprint disappears, requiring it to be obtained again to build another Orokin Catalyst.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 10
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum6420 Blueprint2 Blueprint Price: N/A
Baro Ki'Teer will also occasionally sell complete Orokin Catalysts for PrimeBucks‍700 and Credits64‍ 400,000 each.

Installing an Orokin Catalyst편집

Installing a Catalyst

How to install an Orokin Catalyst

To install an Orokin Catalyst on a weapon, go to your Arsenal, and select Upgrade. From there, click the Actions button located just below your mod list and select Upgrade.

How it works편집

An applied Orokin Catalyst will double the mod capacity of a weapon. This increases the total power that can be consumed by mods, but not the number of mod slots. A rank 1 weapon with a Catalyst installed will have a capacity of 2, which will increase to 60 at rank 30. Unlike Forma, Catalysts can only be applied to a weapon once.

It does not matter when the catalyst is installed; the capacity of a weapon with a Catalyst installed will always be double its rank.


  • Orokin Catalysts are often referred to by players as 'blue potatoes' (as opposed to Orokin Reactors, called  'golden potatoes'), or in some cases, simply 'potatoes.' This originated from a short animation called "War friends" on YouTube; this was later tweeted by the Warframe Twitter and referenced by the Devs.[1]
    • The Potato T-shirt available in the official Warframe merchandise store is a reference to this.
  • Weapons bought with platinum from the Market come pre-installed with a Catalyst and their own weapon slot.
  • Once applied to a weapon, it cannot be taken off to use on another one. (This also applies to Orokin Reactors). Also, if the player builds a dual-wielded weapon using a weapon that has the Catalyst applied, or upgrades a weapon that has a Catalyst, the Catalyst will not be transferred to the new weapon.
  • Orokin Catalysts/Reactors are not removed after applying a forma.

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