Troopers are the shotgun-wielding counterparts of the Lancers. Armed with Struns, they lack the accuracy and range of Lancers, but are more effective in close quarters. Their armor is yellow in color, and they give more experience on kill than Lancers. They also appear to have slightly better armor than lancers.

Troopers can also be found in the Grineer Settlement, they generally have the same appearance as their space counterpart, however they have brown desert camo instead of yellow armor. They also wield Sobek instead of Strun.


  • Troopers share the tactics of Lancers; hide, shoot and throw grenades in general.
    • Though their shotguns make them move closer to their targets oftenly. Making them more dangerous in close combat.
  • Unlike regular Lancers, they are more threatening, but remains very prone to Armor Piercing damage.
    • Until Elite Lancers replace their standard variants, the Troopers will be the least durable of the squads.
  • Their helmets do not change the hitboxes of their heads compared to the Lancers, instead it makes them distinct in later levels.
  • When armed with Sobeks, Troopers can fire at greater speeds matching to those of the Elite Lancers. Making it harder to discriminate the two enemies from their attacks.


  • On Halloween, their heads were replaced by angry pumpkins with a glowing orange light inside.


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