TRINITY is great for players who prefer a supportive role. Warframes with healing technology are rare making Trinity a great equalizer when the odds are stacked against the Tenno.

–In-game description

Trinity is a support-based Warframe. Her abilities favour restoration and preservation over destruction.


The Trinity Warframe can be purchased for Platinumicon 225. The main blueprint can be purchased for Template:Credits 25,000.

Component blueprints drop from Councilor Vay Hek (Everest, Earth)

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
32px-HelmetTrinity Helmet 1
Template:Chassis IconTrinity Chassis 1
Template:Systems IconTrinity Systems 1
Template:Orokin Cell 1
Template:Credits Text 25,000
Build Time 3 days
Rush Build Platinumicon 50
Total Materials Required:
Resource Quantity
Template:Alloy Plate 150
Template:Control Module 1
Template:Ferrite 1000
Template:Neural Sensors 1
Template:Orokin Cell 1
Template:Plastids 220
Template:Polymer Bundle 150
Template:Rubedo 800
Template:Salvage 500
Template:Credits Text 70,000 (95,000 with blueprint)
Build Time 3 Days

Warframe Loadouts

Articolo Principale: Category:Trinity Build

See the user build section for builds using this warframe.


At rank 30 and supercharged, Trinity will use 70 Conclave points without any mods.

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