Thunderbolt da la possibilità alle frecce di esplodere all'impatto.

Ogni grado di questo mod aumenta la probabilità dell'esplosione del 7.5% fino ad arrivare ad un massimo del 30% al 3 grado.

L'esplosione ha un danno fisso di 250 di danno Esplosivo.


Grado 0 1 2 3
Probabilità 7.5% 15% 22.5% 30%
Conclave C5 C5 C8 C10
Costo 6 7 8 9


  • Pair with a high-rank Multishot mod for maximum effect. Calculating per shot, you'll have a chance of 48,9% to have at least 1 explosion and therefore a 51.1% chance of having none (and 8.1% to have 2).
  • When facing groups of enemies at medium to long range, maximize splash damage by aiming for a nearby wall or floor surface rather than directly at an enemy.
  • Since explosive damage is unaffected by the amount of time you've charged the shot, rapid snap shots can be very effective at quickly taking out large groups of enemies.
  • Currently, the mod has no effect on bows' stealth properties; killing an unaware enemy with an explosive arrow will not trigger an alarm. However, missing a shot will still be noticed by enemies, be it explosive or not.
  • When using an elemental mod the explosion will deal that type of damage.


  • You can hurt yourself (or even kill yourself) if you stay in the blast radius.
    • If the player is damaged by an explosion and a elemental mod is equipped, then the player will be affected by the element too
  • Blast radius is exactly 10 meters (so far not expandable by mods).
  • Possible bug: If an enemy is hit with an exploding arrow directly, the blast does not seem to affect other nearby enemies.
  • Since Update 7.11, the explosive damage is not affected by base damage mods. However, elemental mods will still increase damage. With multiple elemental mods installed, only one elemental effect will be applied to the enemy (randomly chosen), instead of stacking all of them.
  • As of Update 8, the mod was changed from being exclusive to the Paris. It now works also on Dread
  • As of Update 9.5, the mod drops more commonly from normal mobs than before due to drop table changes.
  • Prior to Update 9.8, the base damage of Thunderbolt was fixed at 250. This meant mods such as Serration did not increase its damage. Additionally, when it procced, it would replace the arrow's damage. This resulted in lower single target damage than if the arrow did not proc Thunderbolt's effect and dealt 'normal' damage. However, Update 9.8 fixed 'Thunderbolt's explosive damage from trumping impact damage'. Now 'projectile damage is applied first, then chance to to explode is checked.'

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