NDA: Attualmente, non c'è nessuno stardard per il testo matematico scritto in questa wiki. Usare le tabelle preimpostate è brutto, le immagini LaTeX vengono messe in scale povere, (and the serif-laden texhtml clashes with the sans-serif Arial used for this wiki?). Io propongo di usare un template per tutte le equazioni. Dovrebbe stare fuori dal testo normale ma sempre collegato al suo stile. Per questo scopo, non posso decidere cos'è più attraente, e se qualcuno fa dei cambiamenti al font qui, io accolgo i tentativi di fare una migliore matematica per questa wiki.

Al momento, il font MathText è Roboto, font-weight è 600, font-size è 110%.

MathText is a new standard being developed on this wiki in order to make writing attractive formulae and equations easy. At its most simple level, it's merely a template that changes the font of the passed text to Roboto and makes it a little larger and bolder. There also exist simple templates to replace your keyboard math symbols with more accurate ones.
Type {{MathText|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Within {{MathText|<...>}}, you must use {{eql}} instead of =  because of transclusion syntax. Otherwise, the template fails.
You may use {{mul}} instead of x  or *  for multiplication.
You may use {{div}} instead of /  for division.
You may use {{sub}} instead of -  for subtraction.
You may use {{exp|<...>}} instead of ^  or html <sup>...</sup> tags for exponentiation.
You may use {{ind|<...>}} instead of _  or html <sub>...</sub> tags for indexes.
Type :  before starting {{MathText|<...>}} to indent the formula. This is not being forced by the template because one might wish to use the template inline with paragraphs, or use MathText in a more piecemeal manner.
Current Issues
Ratio (or Fractional) bars are both complex and complicated to simulate via current markup. With the knowledge that it is undergoing changes and is otherwise unstable, it can be used if desired under a four-parameter template. Use {{rat|<pre>|<num>|<den>|<suc>}}, where...
pre = portion of the equation preceding the bar,
num = the numerator, or text above the bar,
den = the denominator, or text below the bar, and
suc = portion of the equation succeeding the bar.
Ratio bars fail (violently) if you make any attempt to nest a fraction inside a fraction.

Example 1
:{{MathText|Damage {{mul}} Crit Multiplier {{eql}} Crit Damage}}
Damage × Crit Multiplier = Crit Damage

Example 2
:{{MathText|Damage Reduction {{eql}} 1 {{sub}} (1 {{div}} ( 1 + (Armor {{div}} 300)))}}
Damage Reduction = 1 − (1 ÷ ( 1 + (Armor ÷ 300)))

Project MathText
{{MathText| is the {{attractive}} {{adaptive|easy-to-learn}} method of writing equations.}}

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