Shockwave MOAs are identified by their yellow-orange bodies and are a larger, less common variant of MOA. Initially, they do not fire at players; they will run towards one and release a shockwave once close enough. This shockwave slowly expands and knocks down any player that fails to jump over it; these MOAs will slow to a near-stop and raise a leg seconds before releasing a shockwave. Afterwards, they will fire at players until another shockwave can be released.

While annoying on their own, multiple Shockwave MOAs are capable of stunlocking targets to the point of knocking the player down while they're already knocked down.

Knocking them down while they are winding up their stomp attack used to result in a slow-motion knock-down, allowing for an easy finish. But as of U 7.11, Shockwave MOAs are now immune to knockdowns while winding up.


  • Unlike its standard variant, the Shockwave MOA will head towards the players at full speed in order to deploy its large shockwaves at close range.
    • After a shockwave is released, the Shockwave MOA will return to its standard tactics of shooting players before releasing another shockwave.
    • There is a delay between shockwaves for the MOA, apparently.
    • Shockwave releases take time before they deploy, use this time to dispatch it quickly before it knocks back.
  • Surprisingly, despite of its large size, the Shockwave MOA has less health than its standard variant.
  • Even though it is armed with a larger cannon, the Shockwave MOA fires slower yet it deals seemingly similar amount of damage.
  • Due to its large size, it is frankly the easiest MOA to destroy, if observant.


  • After patch 7.9, they became as green as the common MOA. They reverted to their orange color after patch 7.10.


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