Teal in color, Shield Ospreys project a shield over every nearby Corpus unit (including leech and mine osprey) except other Shield Ospreys. The shield is immediately lost once the Osprey is destroyed/out of range if the shielded unit normally has no shields (e.g. Crewmen). If the unit normally has shields (e.g. MOAs), the unit's shields will NOT disappear (the shields may also just take double the usual damage to disappear too), and may even be restored to full. Their presence will be apparent over groups of enemies outlined in blue, and can be located by electrical links that connect the Osprey to its targets.

Shield Ospreys are easily killed with one or two shots from any weapon, until you hit about level 80 where they may start to take a few more rounds from automatic weapons.


  • Like other Ospreys, low level Shield Ospreys can be easily destroyed by the Amphis and Obex's jump attack.
  • Shield Ospreys from Nekros's Shadows Of The Dead will project shields around other clones, your team, Sentinels, and defense objectives/hostages, granting (50, 100, and 200) shield when within 10 meters of an osprey; seems to grant higher bonus amounts every (?) levels the osprey are. This amount cannot be increased by multiple osprey.
    • Shield on allies and objectives will instantly recharge and the bonus shield will be applied instantly, allowing Nekros to cast Shadows Of The Dead more easily without personal harm.
  • Allied regular Shield Ospreys give off a general shield increase of 200 and instant recharges upon entering their range, similar to those of Shadow Shield Ospreys.
  • Mind Controlled Shield Osprey by Nyx will allow them to do the same as above, although it can be easily targeted and destroyed on it's own, including other teamates mistaking it for an enemy. However, mind controlled Osprey will follow Nyx around.


  • Enemies shielded by the Ospreys become sources of radial damage for Mag's Shield Polarize.


  • It would seem that the Shield Osprey can spill blood when shot at, despite of the fact that it is a machine. Observant players can even see either version of the Osprey, Corpus or Orokin, to shed blood over the walls.



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