Seekers are tactical Grineer units with yellow-green armor and darker markings. Aside from using the Kraken pistol, they will also deploy Latchers. This ability makes them unlikely to get into the front lines like any regular Grineer unit. More durable than regular Grineer  Lancers, these can be versatile opponents.

In the Grineer Settlement, Seekers are equipped with Viper pistols, a new helmet and desert camo armor.


  • Seekers effected by Nyx's Mind Control or Chaos will deploy unaffected Latchers, which it and other enemies effected will shoot.
  • Shadow Seekers do not deploy Latchers.


  • Due to their esteemed nature of hiding away from actual combat, they can very initiative in using terminals in order to sound off alarms and locking areas quickly.
  • Armed with a Kraken pistol, as said on its actual weapon statistics, a single Seeker can suffice a decent damage output of two Grineer Lancers, if encountered at close combat.
  • Like the Grineer Commander, the Seeker is also resistant to Physics Impact damage.


  • The Seeker was added to the game in the 2013 Valentine's Day update.
  • It would seem that the Seeker is the only Grineer unit with a unique monocle on his right eye, compared to all Ranged Grineer units.


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