Scorpions are female Grineer light units that wield Machetes. Aside from dealing decently high damage with their Machetes, they also have a Grappling Hook that they can use to knock down players and drag the victim towards them. The hook itself is an extremely fast projectile. With the lack of any telegraph animations or sounds, the only way to avoid the hook is by sprinting sideways the moment you see one coming. The fast hooks, knockdowns and possibility of hook spamming by multiple Scorpions makes them extremely frustrating to fight when backed up by other units, especially other Scorpions and Rollers.


  • Scorpions are treated as Sawmen with a Ranged knockdown ability through the use of hooks.
    • These hooks tend to pull players to more damage dealing units as part of a squad of Grineer.
    • Scorpions, on the other hand, lack shields and armor protection like those of most Male Grineers.
    • Scorpions run normally faster to chase down their targets, and are shorter. These attributes make them harder to hit while mobile.
    • These hooks can be fired upwards and downwards, reeling targets at elevated areas, either to intentionally move them close or disorient them through falling.
      • It does not ragdoll players when hooked, instead, as mentioned, knock them down.
      • Hooked players can find being pulled up slightly, granting some misses on certain attacks.
    • These hooks seem to have a limit range of 15 meters.
  • Unlike the Sawmen, Scorpions do not have energy shields and conventional Grineer armor. Allowing Bullet weapons to do regular damage.
  • If a Scorpion misses her target with a hook, there will be delay of 5 seconds before she reels back her hook. Use this time to dispatch her.
  • If a Scorpion attacks a player continuously, she can do a combo strike against that player for about three hits.
  • Grineer Scorpions will stop reeling their victims whenever these victims have received any damage from any source, no matter how small the damage may be.


  • Grineer Scorpion is named after a character of Mortal Kombat series - Scorpion, who can drag and stun an enemy with his spear attack.
  • When they were first released, the Scorpion's grappling hook was completely unavoidable, guaranteed to hit, even through walls and obstacles, once the attack is triggered. Due to the outcry on the forums, the hook was changed to a fast but avoidable projectile in a hotfix.
  • Humorously, their description in game is "Makes the hurt feel good" opposed to actual characteristics. This is merely a metaphor to actual characteristics, as they tend to support damage output from more lethal units like Scorches and Napalms.

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