Pressure Point aumenta il danno delle armi da mischia, ogni grado aumenta del 20% il danno inflitto fino ad arrivare ad un massimo del 120% al grado massimo.


Grado Effetto Costo Conclave
0 20% 4 C8
1 40% 5 C8
2 60% 6 C11
3 80% 7 C14
4 100% 8 C17
5 120% 9 C20


  • Increases damage dealt by regular attacks, slide attacks, wall attacks and jump attacks (not to be confused with the AoE damage that is dealt simultaneously with a jump attack which is considered slam damage)
  • Does not stack with Killing Blow since that mod affects charged attacks, ground finishers and stealth attacks.
  • Pressure Point increases a weapon's base damage on normal attacks. This improves the effectiveness of any elemental damage and armor piercing damage mods used along with it (on regular hits).
  • As of Update 9, this mod has been buffed from 7% increase per rank to 20% per rank.


  • Pressure Point is very useful for making weapons with low damage but high attack rates more useful. This mod also makes weapons such as the Amphis compare more with other heavy weapons like Fragor in respect to damage.

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