Hidden Messages
Messaggi Nascosti è una Quest opzionale introdotta nell'Update 14 che si sviluppa attorno al destino del Mirage originale, il giocatore dovrà decifrare il significato di una serie di poemi criptici scoperti da un antico artefatto Orokin. Completando la ques si avranno i componenti necessari a costruire il Warframe Mirage.


Messaggi Nascosti

In order to unlock this quest, the player must purchase the Hidden Message blueprint and craft it. Below are the requirements for crafting the item:

Requisiti per la costruzione.

Tempo: 6 ore
Vel.: Platinum64 15
Prezzo MarketIcon Mercato: N/A Prezzo Blueprint2 Schemi: Credits641.500

After the item is crafted, this quest will be unlocked -- Go to the Quest section of the Codex, select the quest, then click "Begin Quest" to start.

Riddle One: Olympus

Upon starting the quest, Ordis finds out that there are hidden transcriptions in the item you have just crafted. He will begin to recite the transcribed riddle along with his opinion on it. The riddle can be viewed again in the inbox.


Unfortunately the nature of the Orokin Artifact you just crafted is a mystery to me. I simply cannot fathom its use. All I can tell you was that it was inscribed with the following nonsense:

Three parts, three acts, three riddles for thee -
to revive the one wielding fantasy
Ancient gods so cruel, once rules from on high
Can you name their peak where the land meets the sky?

Nothing in my database that sheds light on its meaning. You'd think the Orokin would have something better to do than scribble nursery rhymes on things. Oh well, I suppose not everything you craft can be of use.

Ordis, Ship's Cephalon

The answer to this riddle is Mount Olympus, which is known better in-game as Olympus, Mars. In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, was considered as the only place where the land scrapes the sky -- At the same time, Mount Olympus is known as the home of the twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world. Olympus Mons, which is located on Mars in real life, is also the second tallest mountain in the solar system.


Olympus is an Exterminate mission set in an Infested Ship with their levels ranging from 25-35. Completing this mission will award Mirage helmet blueprint, which the player must craft in order to continue the quest.

During the mission, the Lotus will send cryptic transmissions to the Tenno, which uncover clues to the War of the Sentients. The first transmission is received at the start of the mission.

There's a strange energy in the area. A void imprint, an old one. I'm getting faint visuals - memories.

Continue the mission while I investigate.

A little farther into the Extermination mission, once at a quarter of the enemies have been taken down, the Lotus will follow up with a second transmission

The Void imprint... it's old. I see... Worm ships coming out of punch! A Warframe fighting Sentients... shields are failing...

Sorry, Tenno, I'm not sure what that was.

It is apparent that the Lotus is seeing flashbacks from the War of the Sentients, an event first mentioned in the Excalibur/Excalibur Prime codex entries.

Finally, once all Infested have been exterminated and the Tenno make their way to extraction, the Lotus will leave the Tenno with this message.

I see the Sentients crashing down on her, dying in overwhelming numbers. Now she's out of energy, I'm telling her to go but she's laughing, tearing their heads off as they swarm.

I have recovered something from the memory... a blueprint.

This transmission tells the Tenno that, whomever fought the Sentients at the time, went against the Lotus' warnings and continued combating the threat. It seems that, despite her disadvantageous situation, she put up a very valiant effort.

With this, the Tenno will be awarded the Mirage Helmet Blueprint.

Riddle Two: Calypso

Upon completing the Mirage Helmet, Ordis finds out that there is another hidden transcription on the helmet. He will begin to recite the transcribed riddle again, along with his opinion on it. The riddle can be viewed again in the inbox.


To think, Ordis thought that mess of words was nothing but the scrawling of some long dead hack. You saw more. Now you have the helmet for a whole new class of Warframe. Very impressive Operator.

Exciting news. Ordis found more writing on the inside of Mirage's helmet:

To build the one you think witty,
seek the nymph who sang oh so pretty.
She lured him in with her song and grin,
his wife must've thought it a pity.

I have no idea what that means, though if I had to describe its literary merit I might use another word that rhymes with 'witty'.

Ordis, Ship's Cephalon

The answer to this riddle is Calypso, Saturn. In Greek Mythology, Calypso was a nymph who is popularly remembered for her role in Homer's epic poem, Odyssey. It is said that Calypso enchanted her singing to trap the fabled Greek hero Odysseus in her island and make him her immortal husband -- Forcing Oddyseus to be separated from his wife, Penelope.


Calypso is a Survival mission set in an Infested Ship with their level ranging from 25-35. Completing this mission will award Mirage systems blueprint, which the player must craft in order to continue the quest. During the mission, again, The Lotus has recovered more of Mirage' void imprint, further telling Mirage's slow death. You will receive these transmissions from the Lotus at the start of the mission.

"I'm sensing another void imprint. It's dark. I see the glow of restraints around the Warframe. I'm trying to surge the revive system but I can't, I'm too far away. A great, faceted eye watches her."
"I tell her I won't lose her. That I have another ship on its way. She is smiling because she knows I am lying... Tenno... the second blueprint has been recovered."

Riddle Three: Charybdis

As expected, upon crafting the Mirage systems, there is another hidden transcription on the systems. Ordis recites the transcribed riddle again, along with his comment on it. The riddle can be viewed again in the inbox.

One more act before your prize is caught.
An ancient sea creature, take a whirl or not?
Look for the monster that swallowed sailors of yore.
Make a mistake and you're sunk. Nothing more.

Charybdis, Sedna is the answer. In Greek mythology, Charybdi was a sea monster, later rationalised as a whirlpool and considered a shipping hazard in Strait of Messina. It is said that three times a day, Charybdis swallowed a huge amount of water, before belching it back out again, creating large whirlpools capable of dragging a ship or even a galleon underwater.


The Tenno deploys back to Charybdis, Sedna to do a Hive Sabotage mission set in an Infested Ship, levels ranging from 30-40 while the Lotus continues to recover more imprints. As the Tenno destroys the first hive, the Lotus received more of Mirage's imprints from the ship, only to find out that she is dying from her valiant effort.

"I see the eyes open and the heat blinds me. I hear her comforting me, telling me not to despair as the Warframe disintegrates and I lose her, forever.

Upon destroying the hives, the Lotus had managed to recover the very last blueprint of the now-extinct Tenno.

"Tenno, the last piece of her... of Mirage... has been recovered."

Upon completing the mission and returning to your ship, you will be rewarded the Mirage chassis blueprint. The Lotus will immediately order you to forge the Mirage warframe.

"Tenno, that was the last of the imprints. Forge this Warframe in honor of these memories."

Appena l'ultimo pezzo del Mirage è stato completato, Ordis leggerà l'ultima trascrizione nel Chassis del Mirage.


You're done! Mirage's Chassis is complete. You have all three parts, the only thing you have left is to acquire the Warframe blueprint.

Predictably I found something else inscribed on the Chassis:

Three acts complete, the end draws near,
soon Mirage will cause fear.
Memory lost, to be reborn,
a new warrior rises, duty sworn.

When will the operator be adding this Warframe to the Arsenal?

Ordis, Ship's Cephalon

Dopo aver costruito il Chassis, puoi trovare lo schema del Mirage nel Mercato.


  • Se la costruzione di uno schema viene velocizzato con Platinum, il gioco potrebbe non capire che quel pezzo è stato completato e non procederò con la prossima missione. Ricollegando si può risolvere il problema.


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