Leapers are Infested Corpus Crewmen walkers with glowing blue eyes that try to tackle players from a distance; they will signal this action by stopping a small distance from a player and performing a battle cry. While not difficult to avoid, failing to do so will knock a player down for a few seconds, even if under the protection of Rhino's Iron Skin. Leapers will take significantly more damage (ten times the normal amount) while pouncing. After pouncing, or if players go outside their leaping range, they will run towards nearby players and swipe at them; these swipes are incapable of stunning players, but are extremely fast.

Leapers are the second most dangerous of the Infested to Defense objectives as they will use their quick swiping attack when nearby. However, they are the least common of the light Infested (and will hesitate when they come within leaping range of the cryopod only to run the rest of the way instead, making them easier to shoot) on these missions but should still be taken out as soon as possible.


  • Even if you're invisible, if the Leaper is already in position to pounce, the attack will still connect.
  • Cannot be knocked down by melee, even using the jump attack.
  • Also immune to stun, including weapons with innate stun capabilities.


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