Latchers are small mechanical balls deployed by Seekers that will chase a player in an attempt to latch onto them; if it succeeds, it will enter a flashing primed state and explode within a few seconds. A player can dislodge the bomb by simply rolling; once removed, it will not chase the player again, and detonate where it fell. Latchers can be destroyed before they reach their target, but their small size and speed make them very difficult to shoot; it is often more efficient to allow a Latcher to stick onto you and then shake it off. However, since they cannot scale vertical surfaces, if one is attempting to shoot a Latcher pre-emptively, the ideal situation would be to stand on a platform tall enough to avoid their jump height, as they occasionally stop moving when they cannot reach their target.

It is possible to shoot the Latcher after shaking it off. But it only pushes it in the direction based on the angle shot at, dealing no damage to it.

As of Update 9.5, Latchers now make distinct beeping sounds when they've attached themselves to a player.

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