Lancers are the most basic and prevalent form of Grineer infantry. They wield Grakatas and occasionally throw plasma grenades. Although mostly inaccurate with their grenade throws, they can easily down a warframe caught in the blast. Their armor is blue-green in color.

Tutorial version of Lancers exists, you will only encounter them in the tutorial level. The differences between the two versions of Lancers are that they use Latos instead of Grakatas, do a non-interrupting swat instead of tackle (in melee range) and don't throw plasma grenades.[1]


When alerted:

  • He's here!
  • I think we got him surrounded.
  • Flush him out.
  • Stay close to the walls.
  • Combat formation Bravo.
  • Kill 'em!
  • Cover me.
  • Try and get behind him. We'll flank him out.
  • Reloading.
  • Swapping mags!

When not alerted:

  • No activity to report.
  • Nothing to report.
  • Negative, nothing here to report.
  • Hey, leave my mother out of this.
  • You guys see anything suspicious?
  • If I find anyone, I'll bring you back his head.
  • I'm bored out of my mind down here.
  • Okay okay I'll check.
  • Keep my eyes peeled for what?


  • The Grineer Lancer has the most lines in the entire Grineer faction.
  • One amusing fact about Grineer Lancers is that they seem to have the inability to distinguish genders. (E.g.: spotting a Mag or a Banshee and yelling, "He's here.") It is unknown whether this was intentional or if there are no lines to substitute for this.
  • Before Update 7.8 Lancers wielded Bratons.



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