Grineer Hellions are a Mid-Armored Grineer infantry which are located in the Grineer Settlement in Ceres. Equipped with personal jet packs, these special troops can jet-jump across terrain quickly as well as hover high in the air, giving them mobility even greater than that of light units.

These Grineers seem to burst their desert-camo Grakata longer than Lancers. Apart from that, they are also able to fire Missile Barrages against the Tenno when air-borne. The salvo of rockets will fly in haphazard patterns towards the target's general location, dealing moderate damage per rocket.

Amusingly, their jet-packs will detach upon death of the user, zooming around randomly before colliding with terrain and exploding; be warned that this explosion will harm you if you're caught in the blast.

The jet-packs can also be destroyed by shooting them while the Hellion is still alive, which does remove their flight capability and deals moderate explosive damage to those nearby (including Tennos), although it does no damage to the Hellion itself.


  • They are first introduced as a "reward" of the Arid Fear Event.
  • They can potentially damage themselves with lethal effects with their own missile barrage.
  • They are currently the first enemy type that utilizes air-borne equipment like their jet packs.
  • There is currently an issue where Hellions can no-clip through ceilings and terrain when they fly, easily noticeable in indoor areas.
  • When they get ragdolled, their jetpack automatically flies, but after death another jetpack is thrown.
  • Most noticable with Mag, pulling a group together and killing one Hellion can potentially set off a chain reaction with their jetpacks doing your work for you. Be warned that there is possibility for many jetpacks to explode at once, potentially killing you and your sentinel, especially at close proximity.


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