The Elite Crewman is a more powerful version of the regular Crewman. Identified by their gray-blue uniform, these Elite Crewmen have personal shielding and wield the Flux Rifle, which fires a sustained laser beam capable of dealing extremely high DPS at medium range. While relatively fragile, like the other Crewmen, these elites are not to be underestimated.

Like regular crewmen, their head is protected by an armor helmet that prevents bullet damage, but does not stop other types of weapon damage.

Elite Crewman have not been seen since the Operation Arid Fear event, and it is unknown if they will be implimented into the game's normal levels, like Elite Lancers were.


  • The Elite Crewman was first introduced in Operation Arid Fear: Escalation, the second phase of the event.
  • Their uniform color resembles those of the Corrupted Crewmen in the Orokin Void, as well as the unused uniforms hanging from racks in Corpus maps.
  • The Flux Rifle they wield does not have the stunning capabilties as the clan dojo version has.