Les update sont des correctifs et des ajouts occasionnels ou la suppression d'informations et / ou de fonctionnalités d'un jeu.
Les suivantes concernent la version 8 de WARFRAME :

Rise of the Warlords

Hotfix 8.3.3[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

9 Juillet 2013 Forum Post

  • Correction du Rugissement Roar130xWhite.png de Rhino RhinoIcon272.png ne durant que 4 secondes.
  • Correction des missions d'extermination indiquant les ennemis restants lorsqu'il n'en reste aucun.
  • Mise à jour des effets sonores du Snipetron Snipetron.png et du Snipetron Vandal SnipetronVandal.png.
  • Correction de Vitesse Speed130xWhite.png de Volt VoltIcon272.png ​​ne vous faisant pas courir plus vite

Hotfix 8.3.2[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

8 Juillet 2013 Forum Post

  • Correction du bug "Pouvoir en cours d'utilisation" du Choc Shock130xWhite.png de Volt VoltIcon272.png.
  • Correction des Dojos étant inaccessibles aux nouveaux clans.
  • Correction des effets du Rugissement Roar130xWhite.png de Rhino RhinoIcon272.png n'apparaissant pas sur le client
  • Les modificateurs de dégâts tels que l'Armure et les tirs à la tête ne s'appliquent plus involontairement aux Boucliers.
  • Aucun autre drone "Informateur" détecté !

Update 8.3.1[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

5 Juillet 2013 Forum Post

Ajouts :

  • Le pack Vulkar Vulkar.png est maintenant disponible ; obtenez votre sniper dans le style Grineer IconGrineerOn.png.
  • Les informateurs Grineer IconGrineerOn.png sont arrivés. Chassez-les tout le week-end!



  • La polarisation du bouclier de Mag MagIcon272.png est désormais basée sur le pourcentage au lieu de la puissance fixe (10/15/25/50)%
  • Les dégâts par secondes de Décharge Discharge130xWhite.png de Volt VoltIcon272.png ont été augmentés et le temps d'incantation a été réduit.
  • Code réseau optimisé pour la liste de contacts afin de mieux gérer un grand nombre d'amis ou de compagnons de clan.
  • Gestion améliorée des mises à jour de l'état en ligne dans des conditions de réseau encombrées (souvent liées à la taille de la liste de contacts).
  • Ajustement de l'opacité de MiniMap.
  • Ajout d'effets FX au Rugissement Roar130xWhite.png de Rhino RhinoIcon272.png.
  • Modification des effets sonores du Bronco Bronco.png.


  • Correction de l'icône Grand maître affichée pour tous les joueurs si vous abandonnez le lobby.

  • Fixed Volt's shield – it now functions as intended which is to allow shots to fire through from Warframes with increased damage.
  • Fixed a number of general performance issues affecting very large clans.
  • Fix for cipher being unplayable with controller.
  • Fix for players being staggered in air, instead they are knocked down.
  • Various tweaks to Mag’s Pull.
  • A few sound ambiance tweaks, plus Aklato tweaks.
  • Fixed rank 0 fusion cores being a defense reward.
  • Fix for Ember EmberIcon272.png's FX on clients.
  • Fix for Vauban VaubanIcon272.png's Vortex killing friendlies if owner dies and respawns.
  • Fix for Radial Disarm being able to manipulate the “enemies remaining” in Exterminate missions.
  • Fix for size inconstancy in Mag’s Bullet Attractor.
  • Fix for Mag’s Pull not working as intended when client.
  • Fix for Snow Globe “Power in Use” bug.
  • Fix for Overload “Power in Use” bug.
  • Fix for Saryn SarynIcon272.png’s Venom “Power in Use” bug.

Update 8.3[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

July 4, 2013 Forum Post


  • Added improved Solar Landmark system for Grandmasters.
  • Expanded animation library for the Grineer (combat and ambient animations)
  • MOTD now displayed in halls of the Dojo.
  • Added support for /invite in chat, and inviting people who aren't on your friends list or in your clan.
  • Added 2 options for consumable Fireworks items to the Market.
  • Added Red White & Blue color picker.
  • Added game invite and add friend options to chat user list context menu.

User Found Additions:

  • Kogake slide attack is now a flying kick, the same one you may have noticed in the Tenno Reinforcement intro video on YouTube. Normal attack also includes an uppercut.
  • Machete has a new animation.
  • Void now has some new tile sets, more traps and lasers, also turrets in locker rooms.


  • Doubled the length of alerts for rare rewards.
  • Alert System 2.0 is live
  • Stalker Bow and Paris 3D draw sounds now have fire rate multiplier.
  • 3D Sounds on Pistols and Sentinel now have proper mix effects.
  • Improved NPC awareness transfer across host migration.
  • Revised multiple melee weapon animations.
  • Improved enemy waypoints on minimap to show true location instead of next closest nav location.
  • Dojo pieces that are dead ends are marked as such.
  • Enemies that had had elemental immunities now take regular damage, with multiplied damage for weaknesses (fire and electricity).
  • Updated Warframe abilities to use energy color selected by player.
    • including Vauban's grenades, Loki's decoy, Ash Smoke Screen smoke, will have your energy color.
  • Grineer now play animation while activating security system, allowing slightly more time to interrupt.
  • Improved anti-cheat detection.
  • Replaced all known Corpus consoles with Grineer consoles in Grineer levels.
  • Made session join failures able to identify when the failure was because the session is full; hopefuly this will make losing a void key join race a little less magical.
  • Added missing sounds from Prime melee weapons (swoosh!).
  • Only enemies that see the player will activate panic buttons, preventing enemies in other zones hitting activating the alarms.
  • Reduced particle systems on some fog that were causing performance issues on low-end machines.
  • EDIT @ 8:24 PM Prova Weapon model updated.

Warframe Buffs:

  • Mag MagIcon272.png: forum link
    • Mag: Pull- Changed to pull all targets in front of the player.
    • Mag: Shield Polarize - Now radial instead of single target. Radial damage around enemy targets that suffer shield drain.
    • Mag: Bullet Attractor - Bullet attractors now become volatile when target dies before attractor is finished, these cause radial damage around the dead target.(needs more visual polish)
  • Rhino RhinoIcon272.png: forum link
    • Rhino: Iron Skin - 400,600,800,1200 damage caps. Removed timer.
    • Rhino Roar: NEW POWER: Radial damage buff for all players within range (10%,15%,25%,50%)
    • Rhino: Rhino Stomp - Rolled Radial blast and Rhino Stomp together. Rhino Stomp now does damage to enemies(150,300,500,700)
  • Volt VoltIcon272.png: forum link
    • Volt: Speed: Now a radial group buff, All Tenno in a radius around the caster will get a speed and melee weapon speed increase (speed, range, duration all increase with fusion level). Range (15,20,22,25) Speed (10%,15%,25%,50%) Duration (5,6,8,10).
    • Overload: Higher damage output during entire animation.
    • Shock: Has proper chaining, fusion now increases the number of chains and the radius it looks for further chaining targets.

User Found Changes:

  • Sound changes: Gorgon, Lato, Aklato, Strun, Viper, Twin Viper, Snipetron, Bronco, Dual Bronco, Furis, Afuris, Latron Prime. Melee Charge attack seems to have a slightly different sound effect.
  • Ash's invisibility (Smoke Screen) will not render Ash completely invisible anymore, just like Loki's Invisibility. Ash will now have a white, ghostly model during cloak (color may also be affected by your energy color). This may affect its usefulness during duel.
  • You can now kneel and chill in dojo LOL. Also some minor color changes.
  • Railgun Moas will now knock you down instead of stagger you.
  • Infested Runners can knock you down when close enough while exploding, and stagger when they explode farther away.


  • Fixed Defense Missions awarding level 0 Fusion Cores
  • Fixed Endless Defense missions that could be ended immediately upon host migration.
  • Fixed AI pathfinding reported in Grineer Boss room.
  • Fixed areas in Grineer maps that players could wall run out of the level.
  • Fixed edge case issue where objective marker would not clear upon completing Capture objective.
  • Fixed issue where some AI types could not be executed with stealth kills.
  • Fixed stealth attacks on Infested Chargers that failed to bring out melee weapon.
  • Fixed stealth attack kills not counting towards mission kill stats.
  • Fixed loot crate positions in Corpus Outpost hanger that were inside the floor.
  • Fixed loss of functionality when loading mods if user has significant amount in inventory.
  • Fixed missing sound effects for Fang and Ether Daggers slide attack.
  • Fixed all projectiles to accept energy color selection.
  • Fixed lag and FX issues when shooting through Volt’s shield.
  • Fixed Ember EmberIcon272.png’s World on Fire ability not showing effects on enemies.
  • Fixed missing Loc strings observed in Orokin missions.
  • Fixed missing ragdoll events on Infested death animations.
  • Fixed missing Cronus charge attack sound.
  • Fixed idle animations that would move the player slightly when no weapons are equipped (Dojo).
  • Fixed mis-aligned muzzle flash on Burston weapon.
  • Fixed instances of inactive Corpus AI when spawned on centre platform of Outpost Defense.
  • Fixed some Defense text strings that would appear to clients in host’s language.
  • Fixed various Warframe abilities that were not working on Cryopod/Core.
  • Fixed issue where pending recipe list was falsely reporting to be empty.
  • Fixed various reported graphics clipping and z-fighting issues.
  • Fixed Vortex instantly killing enemies in certain cases.
  • Fixed ragdolls being destroyed when held in a Vortex for too long (more than 15 seconds).
  • Fixed various lightmap and z-fighting issues in reported levels.
  • Fixed issue where game invites would not be ignored from ignored users.
  • Fixed Orokin traps causing shockwave will cause screen blur throughout the whole level.
  • Fixed a Corpus extraction level that allowed users to climb out of it.
  • Fixed Ash’s Smoke Screen where he’d hold both melee and primary weapon.
  • Fixed Kogake charge attack from damaging Sentinels.
  • Fixed various reported collision and clipping issues across all maps.
  • Fixed some edge cases where melee strikes would attack with primary weapon.
  • Fixed melee action being temporarily blocked after completing a slide attack with Dual Zorens.
  • Fixed some missions may be completed by simply walking into the extraction.
  • Fixed mantling not always working when there are some obstructions above the player.
  • Fixed issue where doors remain locked after lockdown is cleared.
  • Fixed Phorid not attacking crouched players.
  • Fixed Orokin laser trap cooldown UI timer not showing on clients.
  • Fixed various map holes and clipping issues based on user reports.
  • Fixed issue where Rescue Agents and nearby AI would pause if player ran two rooms ahead.
  • Fixed progression stopper where secondary capture mission target did not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where Trinity TrinityIcon272.png could get sliced in half or ragdoll when her link target was meant to receive such an injury.
  • Fixed rescue room triggers to only enable when the objective is active to prevent bugs when it's a secondary objective.
  • Fixed enemies springing to their feet immediately after surviving Mag's Crush ability.
  • Fixed some animation blending issues when carrying Datamass.
  • Fixed some common trouble spots where Datamass could get stuck and be unreachable.
  • Fixed issue where Corpus elevator could occasionally change direction before reaching the top.
  • Fixed Ember’s World on Fire ability from targeting inactive turrets.
  • Fixed multiple issues with Mag Bullet Attractor ability (FX on host/client, unintended projectile weapon behaviour, Glaive was not working with this ability).
  • Fixed Hammer Boss phases breaking after Frost’s Avalanche ability.
  • Fixed issue where a primary or secondary Spy objective would require 0 terminals.
  • Fixed multiple reported crash issues.

Hot-Hotfix @ 9:05 PM EDT

  • Fixed 'Power In Use' bug when using Frost FrostIcon272.png's Avalanche
  • Fixed missing animation with Volt's Overload.
  • Fixed Matchmaking region resetting on Login.
  • Fixed 'square' light artifact around dynamic lights (most noticable in cave tilesets).
  • Returned Infested pack to the store after accidentally removing it.

Note: Start Chart connections have changed in this Update in prep for rolling out the upcoming reworked UI.

Update 8.2.1[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

July 3, 2013 Forum Post

Just a small hotfix this afternoon... enjoy the livestream!

  • fixed gameplay crash when joining a mission in progress

Update 8.2[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 28, 2013 Forum Post "Tenno Reinforcement"


Tenno Reinforcement!

  • The Kogake are coverings for your hands and feet which will allow you to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Get up close and personal with these combat wraps and strike down your enemies!
  • Love the Kogake? Join our Kogake Kills contest! The 5 Best Kogake Kills win 1000 Platinum: link
  • Want to walk like an Infested? Check out the latest Infested Color Palette!
  • Green with envy over the Grineer? Curious about your nemesis’ arsenal? Try out some Grineer weapons as an alternative to your Tenno starting gear!
  • Added a “recruitment” channel to Global Chat!


  • Changes to Streamline Mod: cost reduction is now linear. (further explanation: link)
  • Changes to Scythe hit detection: adjusted timing of first swing, and added appropriate damage once swing is over (people were being murdered long after the Scythe was no longer swinging).
  • Lato now has queued fire, and is set up like other semi-auto weapons.
  • Fusion Moa hitbox has been adjusted to be larger.
  • Changes to IRC commands to be case insensitive and reject unknown commands to avoid embarrassing chat attempts.


  • Updated Prova waiting on further positive reports beyond an updated icon. Results of reports: icon has been updated, rest remains to be added.


  • Fix for Team Heal not healing the team.
  • Fixing Warframe abilities not notifying in-mission challenges for clients.
  • Several Fixes for “In Air” bug when trying to cast certain powers.
  • Fix for Trinity TrinityIcon272.png’s Well of Life and Energy Vampire being considered “in use” even on dead targets.
  • Fix for Vauban VaubanIcon272.png’s abilities not working if thrown on Orokin ice trap.
  • Fixed Fusion Moa’s from launching themselves into low-earth orbit.
  • Fix for Vauban’s Tesla not activating if tossed onto a Grineer Shield Lancer’s shield.
  • Fixed Torid gas clouds not receiving damage buffs from mods.
  • Fixed shockwave orbs not hitting the player at certain angles.
  • Fixed Acrid’s DOT not always working on client.
  • Fixed ammo not being consumed on some weapons when shooting Nyx NyxIcon272.png’s absorb.
  • Fixed UI issues when resizing window when mod screen is open.
  • Fixes for Infested “arm” attacks behaving poorly after death.
  • Fix for Wyrm’s crowd dispersion not being able to stun certain enemy types.
  • Fix for Wyrm’s crowd dispersion not stunning certain enemies during attack sequences.
  • Fixed range damage issues with Wyrm’s crowd dispersion.
  • Adjusted crowd dispersion FX to better match damage radius.
  • Fix for bosses not dropping resources on clients if they’re killed by the host with a projectile weapon.
  • Fix for melee weapon not being usable after host migration.
  • Fix for jump attack now setting velocity

Update 8.1.7[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 26, 2013 Forum Post "Chat Optimizations And More!"

Small and powerful!

  • Huge optimizations to chat UI performance.
  • Added workarounds for 10054 and 10060 connection failures.
  • Fixed online missions becoming locked after host migration occurs. Players can now join provided that the objective has not yet been completed.
  • Fixed another case of "power in use" occurring when using Bladestorm.

Update 8.1.6[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 24, 2013 Forum Post

A small batch!

  • Weekend Dethcube bundle deal is now over.
  • Fixed crash when upgrading mod just as mission starts.
  • Fixed rare hang that could occur when joining alert missions.
  • Added better back-end diagnostics for chat server connection issues.

Update 8.1.5[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 21, 2013 Forum Post

Some fixes!

  • Fixed AI spawning issues in the Grineer Galleon defense level.
  • Increased napalm damage resistance for the Artifact Pod.
  • Added a new Dethcube bundle to the Market! Pew pew pew!


  • Removed Crawler type enemies from Artifact Defense missions.

Update 8.1.4[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 21, 2013 Forum Post

A tiny hotfix in prep for the Weekend! Fixes:

  • Polish for the Weekend Event.
  • Improved diagnostic report generated by crash reporter.
  • Improved font legibility.

Update 8.1.3[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

July 9, 2013 Forum Post

  • Changement visuel du système solaire
  • Bibliothèque d'animation élargi pour les Grineers
  • Ajout de la possibilitée d'inviter des joueurs que vous n'avez pas dans votre liste d'ami ou dans votre clan
  • Ajout de deux consomables , qui sont des feux d'artifices ( apriori à durée limitée)
  • Ajout de sélecteurs de couleur : rouge, blanc et bleu

Les changements :

  • La durée des alertes avec objet rare est doublée.
  • Système d'alerte 2.0
  • Les arcs (le Dread et le Paris) ont un multiplicateur de cadence de tir
  • Amélioration des sons 3D pour les pistolets et les sentinelles
  • Améloration du changement d'hôte
  • Nouvelles animations pour certaines armes de mélées
  • Amélioration des "waypoint" ennemis sur la minicarte
  • Les pièces des dojo qui sont des impasses sont stipuler ( ex: laboratoires)
  • Amélioration de la détection anti-triche
  • Remplacement de toutes les consoles Corpus connus par des consoles Grineers
  • Les ennemis qui avaient l'immunité élémentaire prennent maintenat des dégats réguliers et les dégats sont multipliés si les ennemis ont des faiblesses
  • Les Grineers ont une plus longue animation lors de l'activation du système de sécurité
  • Ajouts de sons manquant pour certaines armes de mélée
  • Seuls les ennemis qui voient un Warframe vont activer l'alarme
  • Réduction des particules sur le brouillard , pour de meilleurs performances

Les Warframes:

  • Mag MagIcon272.png :
    • Attirée: Va faire effet sur toutes les cibles enface du joueur
    • Bouclier polarisé: Maintenant c'est un effet de zone autour du joueur
    • Aimant à balles: Si l'ennemi est mort alors les balles font faire un effet radial ( de zone)
  • Rhino RhinoIcon272.png :
    • Peau de fer: Les dégats pouvant être absorbés sont maintenant de : 400/600/800/1200 et la minuterie a été supprimée.
  • Volt VoltIcon272.png :
    • Vitesse: C'est maintenant un buff de groupe radial ,il va donner une augmentation de vitesse (10%,15%,25%,50%) et une augmentation de la cadence des arme de mêlée (15/20/22/25)
    • Surcharge: Dommages plus élevés pendant l'animation
    • Choc: Un bon enchaînement du sort augmente le nombre de chaînes et le rayon les le rayon touche de nouvelles cibles.

Et correction d'un grand nombres de bugs

Update 8.1.2[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 13, 2013 Forum Post

  • Fixed Banshee Sonar "power in use" issue
  • Fixed Infested bosses disappearing after being damaged by Kestrel
  • Added Mobile Defense missions to alerts
  • Fixed Tower Exterminate keys sometimes resulting in Raid missions
  • Fixed elevator direction being reversed in clan Dojo builder UI
  • Fixed elevator textures in Dojo
  • Fixed elemental effects not outlining Dual Cleavers properly
  • Fixed Acrid darts not disappearing
  • Updated Bo unequip sound
  • Fixed Polearm not collapsing after performing a jumping melee attack
  • Improved collision detection on Polearm attacks
  • Fixed Polearm sometimes appearing blurry after attacking
  • Fixed Sentinels missing muzzle flash when attacking
  • Fixed Ignis and Flux Rifle showing a clip size of 1.$ in the arsenal
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip description for Snow Globe
  • Fixed sign-in reward UI showing 1 star when awarding coupon (consecutive sign-in count wasn’t actually affected)
  • Fixed gameplay crashes

Update 8.1.1[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 10, 2013 Forum Post

  • fixed issues with Ash AshIcon272.png's Bladestorm on client
  • fixed elemental visual FX not applying to polearm correctly
  • fixed fire visual FX missing from levels
  • fixed missing textures and floor in Mars - War and other Grineer Cave levels
  • highlight effect for Mod pickups will remain until all players have acquired the Mod
  • fixed cases where players could fall through elevator floor when jumping & meleeing
  • fixed rare DirectX crash when switching between windowed & fullscreen mode
  • fixed NPCs jumping down through terrain in Outpost Defense level

Update 8.1.0[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 7, 2013 Forum Post


Update8 1.jpg

The Orthos is a double bladed polearm, a first of its kind for the Tenno. The Kestrel is a deadly Boomerang, a heavy throwing weapon that can knock down enemies at a distance.

  • Toggle Sprint now an option in UI Settings
  • Aim Assist for controllers is now a toggle option.
  • Added Clan “Message of the Day” feature. People with Ruler or higher privileges in clans can add a MOTD by using this command “/motd” in their clan chat channel .
  • Mantle Animations added, get ready to front flip like Frost in the latest trailer!
  • Machete and Prova Prod now share a new animation set. (Prova Prod is coming!)
  • Kunai sheaths can now be colour customized.


  • Defense mission reward tables have been reviewed and changed. Reward tables are now split between factions. Fusion cores have now been added to the drop tables.
  • Increase max length of Flux Rifle Beam.
  • Added gibbing polish to enemies that are killed by doors.
  • Added confirmation messages to UI when performing Clan Actions (promotions, etc.).
  • Various Sound improvements to weapons with this Hotfix!
  • Tesla Coils on characters will now have fewer FX.


  • Fixed crates being in defense mission dead zone (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/59740-defense-mission-deadzone-please-read/)
  • Fixed bug where Arrows would float in game.
  • Fixed issue where using Mags Crush on Moas would cause them to “die” twice.
  • Fix for Ammo pack beacon remaining in game after ammo is picked up.
  • Improvements to Galleon Wall Running in certain connectors .
  • Fix for sprint preventing certain weapons functions (sprint and aim works, sprint and shoot cancels run).
  • Fix client issue with Blade Storm: wasn’t properly creating teleport effects.
  • Fixed various collision issues affecting AI enemies and players in the Orokin Void levels.
  • Fixed arm fins on Excalibur ExcaliburIcon272.png and Excalibur Prime clipping through the arm when using iron sights.
  • Fix for Grineer bombard rockets being collidable after explosion
  • Fix for triggered pressure plates being host only in Orokin Void.
  • Fix for lighting issues in certain levels.
  • Fix for Capture Target being dissolved by acrid, becoming un-capturable.
  • Fix for Nyx absorb being interrupted by Nauseous crawlers.
  • Fix for Volt getting up from bleedout when speed ends.
  • Fix for Kunai not operating as a silent weapon.
  • Fixed kills not being counted by Rhino’s Charge and Stomp.
  • Fixed player being held in air when pulled by Grineer Scorpion on different elevation

Update[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 7, 2013 Forum Post

  • Fixed issues with Decoy’s ability to distract enemies. The current design is that the AI will give up trying to kill a decoy they cannot reach or damage.
  • Fix for reticule not being in center of screen.
  • Reposition for reload animations. This is related to the Reticule. Sorry for any confusion!
  • Fix for clients not seeing Banshee BansheeIcon272.png’s silence.
  • Increased the damage on Dera Energy Rifle.
  • Increased fire distance on the Flux Rifle.
  • Reduced fieldron cost for Lanka Rifle.
  • Fixed issues where Void Key missions were unjoinable by invite.

Update 8.0.7[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

June 6, 2013 Forum Post

  • Fix for Jackal falling through floor. We have removed the portal-creating escape methods from his arsenal.
  • Fixes for reloads repeating at low framerates (this should help with Kunai).
  • Coupons have returned to the login-reward pool! They are for use on the www.warframe.com/buyplatinum for discounts!
  • Fix for Kunai sound FX.
  • Game now indicates when a game invite was successfully sent.
  • Fix for getting stuck in a sprinting state after sliding.
  • Fix for matchmaking options when joining a Void Key Lobby.
  • Fix for objective markers not disappearing after completing capture objective.
  • Fix for Lotus not talking in languages other than English. Rephrase: If you run game in language other than "English", Lotus would not speak her lines (these lines were still English).
  • Fix for Nyx NyxIcon272.png Power in Use bug (maybe time for a Livestream rematch!).
  • Fix Ember EmberIcon272.png's Overheat ability preventing all damage/healing when damaged when upgraded and mixed with upgraded Focus mod.
  • Fixed Banshee BansheeIcon272.png’s Silence ability not affecting enemies.
  • Improved aiming reticule visibility.
  • Fixed Torid rockets detonating immediately after firing.

Additional fixes:

  • Fix for Ogris and Multishot damaging player.

Update 8.0.6[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

May 31, 2013 Forum Post



  • Couches have been repossessed from all Tenno Dojos. The Tenno told us “these aren’t ninja enough”, so we are working to decorate appropriately in future
  • Dojo room capacity upped to 64
  • Users who made their Warframe accounts on the www.warframe.com website can now use their Steam Wallet on the Buy Platinum page as a payment option, instead of being limited to Ultimate Pay This Change has also been reverted until further notice. A few web changes need some fixin'. Sit tight, it´ll come!
  • The Optional Reset is now live again. The team has come up with the following: IF you now contribute to Dojo, you Forfeit Optional Reset. Prompts will inform you of this as you play the game


  • Fixed bug where reload completion circle stays on screen after duel ends.
  • Fixed reloading and charging being cancelled by sprinting on charged weapons.
  • Fixed round music playing after dueling player has disconnected.
  • Fixed Vauban VaubanIcon272.png’s Tesla traps not appearing on clients that join after thrown.
  • Fixed Forma Forma64.png Blueprint icon to match up with Forma icon.
  • Various improvements to member list population on Chat Window.
  • Fix occurrences of the Ballista stomp hitting the player twice.
  • Fixed infested leapers not being affected by Vauban’s bounce while leaping in air.
  • Fixed issues with dueling where players could be teleported or break barrier into arena.
  • Fixed Forma not being obtained by user as reward in alert missions.
  • Fixed Rage mod not having a polarity.
  • Added contribution filtering for tech projects to prevent over contribution.
  • Fix Ash AshIcon272.png and Loki LokiIcon272.png teleport in duels, no longer target spectators.
  • Fixed Grineer Scorpion not working on client.
  • Fixed damage inconsistency with Orokin traps on host/client.
  • Fixed crash when host migration occurs while capture victim is downed.
  • Fix for Corpus melee enemies not attacking defense target.
  • Fixed Vortex functionality causing issues with other abilities (namely bounce).

Update 8.0.5[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

May 28, 2013 Forum Post "Its getting Hot(Fix) in here!"

  • Fixed Sonic Boom damage on client
  • Fixed Ash Shuriken and Nyx Psychic Bolts not functioning correctly on clients
  • Fixed exploit where an Orokin Void mission could be started without the host directly using a Void Key
  • Fixed dueling in Dojo breaking after a host migration occurs
  • Fixed clients not connecting to new host when host migration occurs in Dojo
  • Fixed not being able to sell Blueprints received from Orokin Void missions
  • Void Key packs are now guaranteed to include one rare key
  • Increased drop rate of Reaper Blade and Latron Prime Receiver to "Common" for Void Level "III" Missions
  • Sentinel buffs: improved firing accuracy, plus extended attack range for Warrior and Revenge to 15m
  • Decreased volume on DethCube firing effects
  • Launcher improvements: Added a new content download system and verification tool. You can trigger a verification scan from the launcher settings to repair corrupted files in place without having to re-download the entire game. Content updates are now even more rigorously checked for corruption and the launcher now includes download statistics for the content update phase.
  • Added note regarding Orokin Void blueprint drop rates.

Update 8.0.4[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

May 24, 2013 Forum Post "Hit Me With Your Best Hot(Fix)"

  • Added confirmation when quitting or leaving Clans.
  • Option added for larger font size in chat window.
  • Only members with forged dojo keys can contibute to Dojos.
  • Critical chances on bows have been fixed, (10% for normal, 20% for charged).
  • Vauban powers now working as intended. A bug prevented the physics of most skills to work properly.
  • Fix for Level 1 enemies appearing in difficult missions in The Void.
  • Fix for Reaper Handle drop rate being too high.
  • Fixes for various Blueprints not being saved to inventory, including Reaper.
  • Flame Lancer and Shotgun Grineer improvements. They will no longer shoot at targets out of range.
  • Fixed objective not disappearing for clients on Orokin Levels.
  • Fixed issue where Players would get stuck in the Dojo GreatHall
  • Fixed issue where destruction of Dojo Elements not working as intended.
  • Fixed issue where permissions for Dojo Roles not working as intended.
  • Improved communication cues for Speed Runs in The Void.
  • Fix for game invites between Clan members who aren't on Friends list.
  • Fixed issues with beam being visible for too long on certain beam weapons.
  • Fix for UI Synchronization when other players did contributions to rooms you were simultaneously contributing to.
  • Fix for fire effects now showing up on clients until shields are down.
  • Fix for Grineer Lancers not shield-bashing.
  • Fix for Grineer Scoprion Rope remaining out when she is killed during pull action.
  • Lech Kril no longer burns himself with Fire... what a Pyro!
  • Various Crash fixes.

Update 8.0.3[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

May 24, 2013 Forum Post "Some Like It Hotter!"

  • Fixed Nyx Absorb not working, resulting in "Power in Use" bug.
  • Fixed remaining levels that resulted in Critical failures, sending users into emptiness.
  • Snowglobe bug fixed.
  • Fixed issue where end-of-mission rewards were not being saved (namely in The Void).
  • Fixed issue where Login Rewards (including Forma) were not being obtained.
  • Fixed issue where Foundry would break after receiving certain drops.
  • Fixed Ash Chassis tag appearing on incorrect items.

Update 8.0.2[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

May 24, 2013 Forum Post "Comin In' Hot!"

  • Frost Powers not working
  • Latron Prime recipes reading "Ash Chassis" requirement
  • General bugs with "Ash Chassis" appearing where not intended
  • Void Key pack giving 3 out of 5 keys (ALL people with this should make support.warframe.com tickets)
  • Dojo Permissions not working as intended.
  • Can no longer sell Clan Key Blueprint
  • Improvement to Critical Mission bug where levels would send users into emptiness and death. More progress coming soon.

Update 8.0[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

May 23, 2013 Forum Post Rise of the Warlords


Grineer Galleon (NEW LOCATION SET!)

  • At last we can reveal the Grineer ships!
  • Explore vast, rusted chambers evocative of an amazing space-submarine vibe that exudes the gritty bulk of the Grineer Army!
  • The Grineer ships come with new vicious enemies, hell-bent on dismembering any Tenno intruders.
  • Lieutenant Lech Kril has been training and this already formidable Grineer boss has new tricks up his sleeve.


  • An exciting new tile-set hidden within a dimensional fold!
  • Players can buy or loot Void Keys to open up exciting loot runs in the Ancient Orokin Towers.
  • Explore the hidden fortresses of the Ancient Orokin race!
  • But beware, these are dangerous places, fraught with traps and guarded by the corrupted remains of past-raiders!


  • Brand new tile set with Tenno architecture & design
  • New set of possibilities for user-created levels begins with our Dojo Building (Alpha).
  • Clan members contribute resources to fund construction projects to build their Clan Dojo.
  • Architects have total control of the layout, selecting hallways, junctions and special rooms to build.
  • Clan members 'vote with their resources', funding the construction to completion.
    • Note: Expect a few bumps as this is an ambitious new feature for Warframe: player-created levels! We will be working hard to smooth out the kinks and pave the way for amazing player-built future of Warframe!
  • The Dojo can be accessed by joining or creating a clan. Doing this automatically puts a Clan Key blueprint in your inventory to craft.


  • Clans can build Dojo rooms that open up Technology Research options...
  • This gives your clan access to an array of deadly new weapons only accessible through the research system.
  • Clan members collect research samples and pool resources to fund advanced new weaponry projects.
  • Upon completion, members have access to Blueprints allowing them to build never-seen-before weaponry in their Foundry!


  • Clans can build special dueling rooms to challenge your Clan members to friendly duels!
  • Clan members can watch the action and cry foul... our small dueling team is eager for feedback and have been careful to balance dueling in a way that only affects the Duels.


  • Got your gear to level 30? Prepare to Polarize!
  • With the newly discovered “Forma Forma64.png”, you can now add or swap a Polarity value on your gear every time you reach level 30.
  • Forma can be purchased or found through Daily Login Rewards, Alerts, or possible Missions rewards for completing missions in The Orokin Void.


  • Viewing your party’s stats is now a Toggle option instead of Hold key!
  • Want to take some fancy screenshots... WITHOUT the HUD? Now you can!

WHAT IS Stalker?

  • We don’t know... but we’ve heard killing him can garner quite the reward...


  • 20+ new weapons added in this update!
  • Tenno crafted Kunai (throwing daggers) available in the market for a silent weapon option in your pistol slot.
  • New Grineer weapons added to the Market including the Machete, Dual Cleavers, and the lethal Vulkar sniper rifle.
  • By popular demand the Market also now has a single-handed Ether Sword, and Dual Broncos for sale.
  • As mentioned above, Clan Research brings 9 exciting new player weapons to Warframe, but you need to build your Research facilities to discover them!
  • Energy weapons, Biological Toxins and high-impact explosives are waiting to be uncovered.
  • In addition to these weapons, there are 5 rare weapons to chase in special drops. Who will discover them first?
  • New Sentinel Pet available in the Marketplace...the infamous Dethcube!
  • Looking for blueprint components to build your Frost Prime? Seek out the Orokin Towers in the Void!



  • Ambient FX for Nervos Tesla TeslaNervos130xWhite.png ability have been toned down
  • Infested enemy types now play reaction to Banshee Soundquake.
  • Rhino’s Iron Skin ability once again gives push immunity.
  • Rhino’s Iron Skin damage absorption values capped: but up to a damage (d) cap of: 200 d, 400 d, 600 d, and 800 d based on mod rank.
  • Rhino’s Iron Skin ability draws Aggro from enemies.
  • Alloy Plate Drop Rates have increased and been added as a resource to Pluto
  • Recipes for crafting weapons have been adjusted to a lower resource requirement.
  • Ash AshIcon272.png Shuriken improvements added: it now seeks targets and multiple projectiles added at higher ranks.


  • Fixed issue where Vauban's Bounce ability could be used to chain-incapacitate humanoid enemies during their recovery state.
  • Fixed issue where some Warframe powers would be available even if you didn't have the mod equipped.
  • Fixed misnamed Ash AshIcon272.png Systems Blueprints.
  • Fixed some animation event and damage deformer related crashes
  • Fixed bug with Extermination Missions not being able to be completed.
  • Fix for fused ability mod, it now properly and consistently increases power.

Additional Information:

  • "WHERE IS TRADING?" It is still being worked on, not ready for deployment yet.
  • Team standing by for bug reports!

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