Tempête Vermillon est une Posture rare pour les Griffes.

Peut être équipé sur :

*La polarité correspond.


Nom du Combo Combinaison de Touches
Brise Cardinale EEEE
Ouragan Cramoisi* E Pause EEEEE
Rose Dansante* EE BDS+E EEE
Vent Vermeil* E MaintenirE EE
Attaque Surgissante Glissade + E
Un Point Dans les Air + E
Frappe Transperçante Saut Mural + E
Tambours Rugissants Ennemi Renversé + E
Normal   Toutes les Cibles   Écrase/Renverse   Effet de Statut
  • PS4:     E = R1   BDS = R2
  • XBOX:  E = RB   BDS = Gâchette Gauche


  • En plus d'être disponible sur les Bombardier Maniaque et leur variantes, Tempête Vermillon peut être acheté au rang 0 auprès de Baro Ki'Teer contre PrimeBucks385 et Credits 32px 175,000. Notez que les offres de Baro Ki'Teer changent à chaque apparition et que cet objet peut ne pas être disponible à chaque fois.



  • The existence of this mod was leaked in Update 15, when it made appearances in the loading screen and the Codex. It was briefly available from Transmutation and Mod Packs until Update 15.5.2.
  • It is possible Vermilion Storm's combos were previewed at TennoLive 2014, though its name was not known at the time.[1] (See Gallery)[1]
    • If so, then Vermilion Storm would be the second stance with a unique finisher attack. The first stance to do so was Blind Justice, which was previewed at the same time.
  • The name of the stance and its unique combos involve typically red-colored objects along with wind associated weather formations.
    • Vermilion Storm's name refers to Vermilion, a brilliant red pigment made from mercury sulfide (cinnabar), as well as the name of the resulting color.
    • Cardinal Breeze's name is likely a reference to Cardinals, a family of birds commonly red in color.
    • Flurry Rose's name is reference to Roses, a prickly bush or shrub that often bears fragrant red flowers, native to northern temperate regions.
      • Flurry Rose is the only Vermilion Storm combo with reversed affixes, with a weather theme being its prefix rather than its suffix, and a red theme being its suffix rather than its prefix.
    • Ruby Wind's name is reference to Rubies, a precious stone in color varieties varying from deep crimson or purple to pale rose. Their name comes from ruber, Latin for red.


  • Excalibur faisant Ouragan Cramoisi (TennoLive 2014 preview)
  • Excalibur faisant Rose Dansante (TennoLive 2014 preview)
  • Excalibur pendant une exécution (TennoLive 2014 preview)


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