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La Synthèse est un projet communautaire organisé par le Céphalon Simaris, dont le but est de remplir la base de donnée du Sanctuaire en exposant des informations sur l'univers de WARFRAME.


The goal of Synthesis is to analyze a selected Synthesis Target multiple times and fulfill the targeted amount stated in the Sanctuary, using proprietary tools such as the Synthesis Scanner and Kinetic Siphon Traps.

La Synthèse CommunautaireModifier

The primary mission of Cephalon Simaris, community Synthesis tasks all players with scanning a single designated Synthesis Target multiple times. Each successful Synthesis by a player contributes to the overall community progress, which accumulates as more players successfully complete Synthesis on the target.

The community progress of each Synthesis is tracked via a progress bar and a leaderboard. A personal progress bar out of 10 synthesis target scans is also shown to the player, which they must complete in order to attain access to the respective synthesis results. Once the community progress is completed, the Tenno will be rewarded with elaborated lore related to Warframe, which can be accessed in the Sanctuary. After completing one community Synthesis target, Cephalon Simaris will choose a new Synthesis Target, which may take several days before a new one is selected.

Previous Synthesis Targets that have not yet been fully scanned by the player can be selected as a personal target on the left console in the Sanctuary to complete the scan and unlock the corresponding lore entry for the player.

The Synthesis project can be started by visiting the Sanctuary in any of the Tenno Relays, and then speaking to Cephalon Simaris about Synthesis, who will explain the process. The player will then be provided with a free starting set of Synthesis Scanners and Kinetic Siphon Traps once the conversation finishes.

Daily Synthesis TaskModifier

Players who have completed The New Strange and the Stolen Dreams quests can ask Cephalon Simaris for Daily Synthesis Tasks, which assigns the player to synthesize a personal Synthesis target a set number of times. This Synthesis Target is a specially marked unit similar to the community Synthesis Target, but is otherwise separate from the latter.

To activate the task, players must ask Cephalon Simaris in the Sanctuary with the prompt "Do you have any targets?", which will then display the designated target, and the rewards upon completion. Simaris will only provide the rewards once the designated Synthesis target has been scanned the required number of times, and the player returns to speak to Simaris with the prompt "I have completed the synthesis". Rewards for completing a Daily Synthesis Task include a random amount and rarity of Fusion Cores, and a large amount of Standing depending on the number of targets scanned:

  • 2 targets will reward ReputationLarge  5,000.
  • 3 targets reward ReputationLarge  7,500.
  • 4 targets reward ReputationLarge  10,000.

One Daily Synthesis Task is provided per 24 hours, and once completed the next task will only be given after the daily game reset time. While there is no time limit for completing the Daily Synthesis mission, completing it succeeding days will count as completion of the current day, preventing players from getting another Synthesis target until the game reset time has passed. Unlike with Syndicate Daily missions, Daily Synthesis targets and rewards are different between each individual player.


Synthesis ScannerModifier

Article Principal: Synthesis Scanner

If a community or daily Synthesis Target can be found on a mission, Cephalon Simaris will announce the presence of a Synthesis Target and ask the player to capture the target using the Synthesis Scanner, a special scanning device exclusive to Cephalon Simaris.

Scanning objects and enemies will grant the player Invalide iconname: "Standing", where the amount of Standing awarded is scaled with the enemy level and will multiply further if a stealth scan is successfully performed. Successful synthesis of the Synthesis Target will also grant extra amounts of Standing and contribute to the Synthesis community progress in the Sanctuary.

Kinetic Siphon TrapsModifier

Article Principal: Kinetic Siphon Trap

Kinetic Siphon Traps can assist in Synthesis Scanning by temporarily suspending Synthesis Targets in stasis, ceasing their movements for a short period of time. They can be deployed by throwing near a Target and will automatically take effect. Each Kinetic Siphon Trap lasts four seconds. 

Synthesis TargetsModifier


Synthesis Targets are primary targets to be analyzed for Synthesis, which can be located on planets and nodes where the standard version of the specified unit type is normally found. They have a blue aura, possess more health than regular units and will always be on alert regardless of the alert status of the tile set. Synthesis Targets of melee units will simply charge at the player as normal, while Synthesis Targets of ranged units will run around the tile set aimlessly. Synthesis Targets have multiple nodes around their body to be scanned. Once these nodes are scanned, Synthesis is complete and the Target will vaporize, earning the cell several thousand Standing apiece.

Synthesis Targets are considered their own separate unit outside of the normal enemy count. On Exterminate missions, this means that the Synthesis Target is an extra enemy that is not revealed by the enemy counter or minimap threat locator, and thus must be found using the Synthesis Scanner.

Synthesis Targets are capable of deploying different special abilities, which unlock upon their first node being scanned. They can use these abilities to impede player attempts at scanning them, whether by dealing damage or enhancing their chances at evading the player. A Synthesis Target can only have one particular ability at a time, and the ability they receive will be random. Certain Synthesis Targets, namely those of the Infested faction, have been known to ignore their special abilities. Some known abilities are listed below:

Ability Effect
Doppelgänger The Synthesis Target will generate a decoy to confuse players. Only the original Synthesis Target is affected by Kinetic Siphon Traps however, and will still have any unscanned nodes visible through the Synthesis Scanner.
Invisibility The Synthesis Target will periodically go invisible, removing its waypoint in the process. Targets are still affected by certain Warframe Abilities and Kinetic Siphon Traps while invisible.
Magnetic Trail The Synthesis Target will continuously leave behind a trail of magnetic interference as it moves, dealing a Non valide proc to players who walk into it, albeit with a far greater level of screen distortion compared to a regular Non valide proc.
Riftwalk The Synthesis Target will periodically phase into the Rift Plane, rendering it immune to all attacks and abilities (including the Synthesis Scanner) except Kinetic Siphon Traps. It requires further testing if Limbo can force Targets back into the physical plane via Banish.
Sapping Orb Like a Sapping Osprey, the Synthesis Target will periodically drop orbs that deal damage in an area of effect.
Shockwave Bomb The Synthesis Target will periodically launch projectiles that release a shockwave pulse similar to those launched by Anti MOAs, knocking down players that come in contact with it.
Tar Trail The Synthesis Target will continuously leave behind a trail of viscous tar (much like the tar from Tar-Mutalist MOAs) as it moves, slowing down and damaging any player that walks into it.
Teleportation The Synthesis Target will periodically teleport short distances.


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