Similar to the Nervos Mine, the Arc Trap is a Grineer device that electrocutes any hostile that gets too close. Its primary "weapon" is an Electric arc that attacks anything within range. The trap can be destroyed by your weapons, generating a burst of electricity that damages and stuns nearby opponents and allies. They will also destroy themselves after 3 seconds of continuous shocking, a change added in Update 15. They were added in Update 12.5 as a replacement to Broken Lights.


  • Arc Traps can spawn on walls, floor, lockers, and containers.
  • Arc Traps can hit cloaked targets (Invisibility, Smoke Screen, Ghost, Stalk).
  • The blast of the Penta or the Ogris will not destroy the trap, but their projectiles can.
  • During Invasion missions where you're helping the Grineer, Arc Traps will not target the player, but will target any Corpus unit that comes within range. The player can still destroy them and the final explosion will harm anyone, the player included, as usual.
  • They can easily kill players attempting to flee a Survival mission when the oxygen runs out, as they will often spawn at the extraction point's entrance or in it entirely, easily downing players with little health.
  • As of Update 14.0.5, Companions are no longer targeted by these traps.
  • Arc traps have a targeting range of 8 meters, down from 11 meters pre-Update 15.
    • As of Update 15, Arc Traps explode after 3 seconds of zapping.


  • They emit occasional arcing sounds. Use this a cue to avoid them. Alternatively, you can use the Codex Scanner to scan areas you suspect Arc Traps have been placed.
  • Since the trap releases an electric burst upon its destruction, it can be used to stun tightly clustered groups or high priority targets.
  • When attempting a stealth run try to avoid coming into the range of these traps whenever possible, as once the trap is set off it will alert any Grineer in the same room.


  • Arc Traps can also spawn on lockers and doors. Check the gallery for more details.
  • If the player sides with the Grineer during Invasions, Arc Traps can spawn within the Corpus section of the map, even if there aren't any Grineer in the room.


  • Arc Traps had an unusually high chance to drop rare Resources upon destruction. This was patched out in Hotfix 12.5.1.
  • Arc Traps will be allied with the Tenno when supporting the Grinner through Invasions, however they still may be destroyed from friendly fire and damage both enemies and allies.


  • Un Piège Arc attaquant à la fois la Warframe et la Sentinelle (statut Électrique).
  • Un Piège Arc détruit, électrocutant un Grineer proche.

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