Give unto The Néant a generous offering of 100,000 Crédits.

– Description en jeu

L'Offrande du Néant Passionné est un Consommable utilisé dans l'Opération : Faux Profit pour donner des Crédits à Nef Anyo. If the offering is successfully hacked fraudulently, the offering will be returned to the player to its full amount along with a certain bonus percentage, depending on the level of the hacked Bursa up to 50%.

Cet objet n'est pas réutilisable et peut être vendu pour Credits 32px 100.


The Passionate Void Offering could be purchased for Credits 32px 100,000 from the Market, found under Equipment, subsection Gear; however is no longer available as the event had ended.


Offerings are equipped from the 'Gear' section of your Arsenal. You may only equip one of each offering at a time, though the separate offerings may be stacked, up to Credits 32px 111,000. Additionally, each member of the squad may also bring their own offerings.


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