Le mod Grenade Adhésive permet aux projectiles de lance-grenades d'adhérer aux surfaces: mur, sol, ennemis, alliés.


Rang Dégâts additionnels Drain Conclave
0 +17% 4 C3
1 +34% 5 C3
2 +51% 6 C3
3 +68% 7 C4
4 +85% 8 C4
5 +100% 9 C5


  • Le mod Grenade Adhésive a été ajouté avec l'Mise à jour 17.0.
  • Ce mod peut être équipé uniquement sur les armes suivantes:
  • Upon sticking to enemies, they will receive a DoT effect until it explodes.
  • When equipped, this removes its immediate explosion until the 'fuse' duration reaches its limit, then it will explode normally.
  • Can have unique effects on some weapons
    • When equipped on the Ogris:
      • Can cause Slash procs to occur when directly impacting enemies.
      • Enemies who die by the direct impact or DoT before exploding will sometimes make enemies corpses fly around before exploding.
    • When equipped on the Tonkor:
      • Can cause Poison b Poison procs to occur.
      • Removes the weapon's ability to explode on impact, instead causing a damage over time effect as normal.
  • Used to add extra damage, but for some reason was removed.
  • In Mise à jour 17.10, Adhesive blast now gives 17% per rank and reaches 100% at full rank.


  • Penta and Secura Penta grenades explode without triggering them using alt-fire and grenades do not stick in high-lag situations.
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